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Going Corporate

Growing up I knew exactly what I didn’t want to do; I didn’t want to be tied to a routine, a dress code, or work in an office. It has therefore come as quite a shock to me that I am now sitting in such an office, wearing a blazer, looking at one of the best views of Melbourne City I’ve ever seen.

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Scholarships engineered to attract cream of the crop - second year running!

For the second year running, we’ve awarded scholarships to two students from Monash University as part of the Leadership In a Technological Environment (LITE) program.

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Learning to ‘think big’ and what ‘great’ looks like in Telstra Global

Secondments into Telstra Global (TG) are nothing new for Telstra-folk, but as a 2013 graduate, I’ve had the opportunity to be the pioneer graduate rotating into TG, working in the Hong Kong headquarters for the past six months.

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Game on – today we launch Job Jam

Today we launch Job Jam – a playful way to learn about careers at Telstra.

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Telstra Grad Recruitment - Final Interviews

We all know that interviews can go either way, you can walk out feeling on top of the world or you can walk away feeling that you could have done a whole heap better.

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Generation Success: A national discussion on youth employment

We caught up with Tracey Gavegan, our Group Executive of Human Resources, to talk about Telstra’s involvement and what we are doing to help young people enter the workforce.

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Last Telstra Graduate Live Chat! Gain valuable insight from Lauren, HR Graduate – Tuesday 25 March

Don’t miss your chance to get an inside view into a graduate career at Telstra – our last Live Chat is scheduled for Tuesday 25 March with HR Graduate extraordinaire, Lauren Solly.

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My experience as an IT Graduate at Telstra

I’m pretty chuffed to say that I’ve recently (and just officially!) completed Telstra’s Graduate Program. Looking back it’s amazing how much my life has changed. In 18 months, I’ve participated in a Future Ways of Working workshop at the Google offices in Sydney, sat down for a discussion with our CEO, owned five different mobile phones, worked in six different buildings, bought a bright orange Ford Fiesta, hung out with the BigPond sponsorship team at the Bathurst 1000, attended countless functions...

Telstra's Graduate Program

Telstra's Graduate Program

To kick start your career, we offer 18-24 month programs with rotations so you can explore different areas of the business and uncover the endless options available to you.

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By registering for our Job Alert, you’ll get email notifications on new positions that are matched to the preferences you choose.


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Mentoring this year's M2M Uni Challenge competitors

As part of my role in the Machine to Machine (M2M) project team I’m a mentor to the competitors in this year’s M2M University Challenge. It’s been a great opportunity to engage, support and provide guidance to these young minds.

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LIVE CHAT with Telstra Graduates – Marketing, Business & Commerce 18 – 20 March

Chatting with Telstra Graduates is your opportunity to get a personal insight into their career experience at Telstra.

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Check out our Graduate careers website- OPTIONCITY

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Summer Vacation Program - Application Process

Our application process is your first chance to make a strong impression, show us who you are and what you have to offer.

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The Ultimate Telstra Careers Competition

Navigating and succeeding in the changing world of work can be challenging – but with the right guidance it can be a rewarding journey. It’s about arming yourself with the tools and knowledge to make smart decisions and drive your career in the direction you want to take it. That’s why we’re launching a competition that can help set you up for success.

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LIVE CHAT with Telstra Graduates from IT, Engineering & Finance 11 - 13 March 2014

The Live Chat sessions are rolling out thick and fast, with sessions scheduled for 11 – 13 March!

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Scholarships engineered to attract cream of the crop

Working with Monash University, we’ve offered two scholarships to a talented duo...

Career streams

Career streams

You can explore your career as a graduate at Telstra in a variety of disciplines.

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A smart swap between Telstra and Westpac IT Graduates

It’s important for us to continue our thought leadership in the graduate space at Telstra – we want to stand out in the marketplace, and deliver a program that offers learning experiences and development opportunities that are unique. Enter the Telstra / Westpac Graduate Swap program...

Learn more about the program

One of the greatest benefits of the program is how flexible it is. You have a real say in where you want to take your career and how you see it shaping up.

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Key dates

Key dates

Each year we open applications for our grad program in around March, so keep a lookout on to get the exact dates. You can also register your interest before we open applications, a registration form will be on the Option City website, and when it gets close to application time, we’ll remind you.

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