A career in Telstra Digital...

Connecting Australians around the country for over 100 years means we have a unique perspective on how people want to communicate. That’s why digital media is a huge growth area for us - and a vital part of putting our customers at the heart of what we do.

As digital technology revolutionises the way people communicate and shop, we’re preparing for the massive opportunities ahead. We’re focused on designing, building and operating online platforms that enrich our customers’ online experience – essentially, we’re passionate about embracing the digital future.

Our Digital team is geared at moving transactions online and dramatically increasing online sales. They offer our customers innovative support across a wide variety of channels including mobiles, tablets and social media.

From browsing and buying, or billing and payments, to the development of self-service capabilities - the online customer journey will be set firmly in your sights. So step into Telstra Digital and prepare to shake up the digital world with an industry leader.