Succeeding in your career at Telstra


You’ll do well in Telstra Digital if you have a vision for future opportunities and an appreciation of the extent to which digital developments will revolutionise the way people live and work. You challenge the status-quo and think outside the box, and at the core of it all, you’re always thinking of how the customer could use, feel and interact with your solutions.   

As a part of the Telstra team, you’ll have a diverse and talented group of colleagues working with you, who’ll support you in your development and with whom you’ll achieve great things. We're all individuals, but we're also One Telstra and together we share in behaviours that drive our success.

Customer focus

We’re a customer centric organisation, and it’s important that every employee puts the customer at the heart of everything we do. You’ll be focused on the customer’s needs – every initiative we deliver, every solution we create, and every conversation had, it’s all from a customer experience lens.

Results driven

Producing results means actively working towards the goals and objectives set by you and others. It means challenging yourself to achieve stretch goals, and it means keeping your eye on the ball, never losing focus of our organisational vision.

Interpersonal savvy

True collaboration means nailing interpersonal savvy. You’ll be receptive to different personalities, and use varied approaches in your interactions with people – and it’s because of this that people will want to work with you time and time again!