The best thing about being here is the people

The best thing about being here is the people

I started out in the Customer Relations Group resolving complaints for our customers before taking on my next challenge as a performance lead within the group. As performance lead, I learned more analytical skills and realised I had a passion for driving performance improvements and working with teams for the good of the customer and our business. This prompted me to join the up-and-coming area of Telstra Digital, where I am now a Channel Support Specialist – helping to drive initiatives and projects that aim to improve and perfect our digital business and the customer service that we provide.

A highlight for me has been working with some awesome leaders who have really taken the time to develop my skills and invest their confidence in me – without these people I wouldn’t be where I am today. Learning new skills, such as project management is great and I’m able to leverage off of my leadership team and colleagues who all have very different and valuable experience. I’m really enjoying learning these skills that are both beneficial and challenging to grasp.

I work at Telstra because of the opportunity that is afforded to people who prove themselves and their skill. I think that hard work is recognised here and, if you’re willing to put in the effort, the company is willing to contribute to your continued growth and development. It’s a great place to work if you want to advance your career- and we have just about any type of profession catered for under the one banner!

Telstra Digital is full of creative thinkers and is a growing business – it’s a relatively hectic place but really rewarding to work in. And we have lots of ribbon cutting ceremonies, which never gets old :)

The best thing about being here is the people – I am a people person and the passion, skills and focus that are exuded by all of the teams I have worked in helps to drive my achievements and grow my skills. And we know how to have a bit of fun along the way too!

I’m known for being a hard worker, but also a bit of a jokester. I don’t take myself too seriously and I like to balance the requirements of my job with having fun and laughing with colleagues. Outside of work, I’m known as a heretic son, a party-goer friend and a (hopefully) great boyfriend.

The way to success at Telstra is to get out there and introduce yourself to people! This company is a large, sometimes overwhelming place... but we are all one big family, in reality. I think when you join our vast team, even within one business unit; it’s hard to fathom the size of the company and the variety of roles and responsibilities that each team has. Networking in Telstra is a powerful tool for any current role you have, but also for your future career endeavours. Our combined experience is a phenomenal asset!