Your learning and development

There’s tremendous opportunity at Telstra for you to develop a well rounded set of skills and experience as a digital professional. Here, you’ll find that you can develop your online career and capabilities across a full range of digital areas and career pathways. You can drive yourself in new directions, or deepen your skills in a digital capacity. You could find yourself exploring opportunities in management and leadership or building your skill set in technical and operational areas like web design and development, online digital marketing and sales or customer service through online adoption. Whatever your ambitions, we’ll back you all the way with quality learning and development programs and exposure to industry leading projects, technologies and initiatives. 

We have performance and development tools in place that will help you determine where you want to take your career, and your manager will have regular discussions with you – supporting you in your career growth and helping you to focus on skills you’d like to develop.

Taking initiative is key; you can truly be the master of your career here. If you have the right attitude, the thirst for learning and the ability to overcome perceived limitations then you’ll go far, and we’ll be here to support you.