About the Telstra Graduate Program

About the Telstra Graduate Program

It’s no secret that we want the best graduates to choose Telstra. We want people who will give us the competitive edge as we work towards our vision of becoming a world-class technology company that empowers people to thrive in a connected world. That’s why we’ve put together a structured program packed with fun, varied, complex and challenging work, amazing opportunities to learn, develop and network as well as the chance to launch your career in one of Australia’s most exciting and innovative businesses.

As well as invaluable hands-on experience, we provide all the knowledge and development you need to put you on course to becoming a future leader. Our graduate program is the perfect opportunity for you to grow and shape your future.

Rotations: Flex your potential

We think getting you out there is the best way to experience what Telstra has to offer – that’s why our program is so flexible. You have a real say in where you want to take your career and how you see it shaping up.

Probably the most exciting part of the program is getting the chance to work across different parts of the Telstra business. Our rotations are usually four to six months, depending on your program and are designed to give you broad experiences in your chosen stream. After your first rotation, you’ll  have a say on where you work next. You won’t be sitting on the sidelines, either – you’ll get involved in what’s happening. You’ll get a great insight into the many ways our people add value, make a meaningful difference to our company and the communities in which we operate.

What we look for in a graduate

Firstly, you’ll need a relevant degree with a credit (60+) average. But it’s not just about being a high academic achiever - we’re looking for many other qualities, too.

We have a clear vision and values, and we want people who embrace them. You’ll be willing to take on responsibility, determined, eager to learn and have the courage to challenge yourself and others. We want to see how you’ve been involved in extracurricular or community activities, and how you’ve demonstrated your leadership qualities. We also value skills you’ve learnt in previous workplaces that are relevant for the corporate world. Customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we need people who understand and appreciate them – and know how to put them first. And we want you to be passionate and motivated to succeed in your chosen field and industry.

If you're still curious, find out what else we look for in a graduate

Careers streams

We have six streams to choose from: Information Technology; Engineering; Finance and Strategy; Business and Commerce; Marketing; and Human Resources.

Get detailed info on all our career streams – and find out where your career with us could take you.

Development to give you the edge

Our development program helps graduates discover their true potential. On-the-job learning is complemented by formal workshops, events, innovation challenges and business-specific skills training.

We work with you on career planning and developing critical business skills such as leadership, teamwork, negotiation, innovation, presentation and influencing. We also provide you with myriad optional learning courses, from Excel basics to project management.

You’ll also get to truly understand our customer-connected culture through “ride-ons” – shadowing colleagues in other parts of the business. And you'll have a dedicated mentor, your manager, a buddy, and backing from our senior leadership team.

Find out all about our graduate development program.

What you’ll be working on

You know Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company – but do you know we’re also venturing into exciting new areas such as e-health?

With 33,000 employees across more than 20 countries, we’re creating a global footprint and along with it, a world of opportunity. And that’s where you come in.

Of course, the projects you work on will depend on your stream. But you can be sure that whatever it is will be exciting, challenging and fulfilling. It might be in innovative new areas such as Telstra Health, helping us make healthcare readily available for all Australians. Or it could be on emerging technologies, sustainability initiatives, or finding new ways to grow the mobiles and cloud storage markets. Or it might be helping to expand our international ventures or working on our growing suite of entertainment products.  

Find out more about our future and innovation

Orientation and Induction

On your first day you’ll attend a corporate induction workshop that welcomes you to Telstra and presents the Telstra corporate strategy, core values and what’s important to us. After that, you go on a business-specific induction and get access to a laptop and smartphone for flexible working. Then you’ll be a guest of honour at our fun orientation evenings. You’ll be able to play with our latest technology and get to know other current and previous graduates. You’ll also have access to our interactive getting started portal, where you can tap into an orientation module and find your onboarding plan.

After the program

At every level, and in every department, we have formal processes and structures to help nurture your career. And the beauty of it is that you play an active role in setting your aspirations – you’ll be working with your manager to drive your growth and success.

We’ll get you to think about, and articulate, what you want to achieve in your career at Telstra. We take a holistic approach – this means we’ll look at how you want to structure your life, aspirations and commitments outside of work, and factor it into your career growth. Then we’ll look at what you want and need to develop from a skills viewpoint, in line with your performance and career objectives.

This can range anywhere from experiential learning, to coaching, feedback and formal training – an example of this is our specialised development program for graduate alumni who demonstrate an outstanding level of potential; it’s geared at accelerating leadership development.

And should you be interested in further study, we have an exceptional study leave policy in place.

The scale of our organisation offers you variety and flexibility in choosing your career direction – up or across the business, with opportunity here for you to explore and go at your own pace.


Applications for our 2018 program in Australia, to commence with us in February 2018, are now closed. Applications for our next graduate intake will open again in March 2018. 


Eligibilty to our program depends on which one you are applying to. For our Australian-based 18-month program you must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, Australian permanent resident or be completing your studies on student visa subclass 573 or 574 (get further info about international student applications). You must also have completed (or will successfully complete) a minimum three-year undergraduate degree by December 2017.

For our Graduate Program in Singapore and Hong Kong you must be a resident of either nation or hold the appropriate working rights for the duration of the program's 24-months.

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