Do great work that matters

An ageing population, chronic disease, stretched budgets – these are just some of the challenges we face in bringing quality healthcare to every Australian.

It’s a fragmented and complex system – but healthcare is changing. Technology is catching up, letting us address these challenges in new ways. We’ve seen what the digital revolution has meant for other industries – and we believe eHealth could better serve all Australians.

At Telstra Health, we believe that every person, of every age, in every corner of Australia, should enjoy the best possible healthcare. We call it a brilliant connected healthcare future for everyone. That’s why we’re committed to working hand in hand with government and industry to create a sustainable system that focuses on health and wellbeing – not just cure.

To do this, we’ll connect patients, healthcare workers, hospitals, pharmacies, government and health funds to build a safer, more convenient way of managing health. And we’re doing it in ways that bring the best technology, the brightest solutions and the smartest analytics to those who have dedicated their lives to health and wellness.

This powerful combination will take us into the future.

For practitioners, it’s about smarter, more flexible collaboration.

For patients, it’s about taking control of their health and wellness.

And for the nation, it’s about a more equitable, more sustainable future for all of us.

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