My future is making the impossible possible

My future is making the impossible possible

My role is responsible for digital transformation in the call centre, retail and online space – a massive change program.

We’re applying digital in ways we’ve never thought of. Apps and after-hours retail using digital channels are just some of the ways we’re changing the way people do business in Australia. We’re also trialling different ways to personalise our customers’ in-store experience. 

It’s been a real learning curve on how to collaborate across the company so we can drive industry and business in the digital economy. I want to be the kind of leader that gives their people what they need to be successful. Through coaching and mentoring, I want to help them take on bigger and better things, and do more than they could yesterday. I’m really passionate about this. Going digital is opening up greater choices for my team as much as it is for customers.

I’m also involved in creating an action plan that aims for greater gender equality at Telstra by focussing on recruitment and working out how to retain our female employees through different life stages.

The size of Telstra, especially now it’s on a global scale, offers an amazing degree of career flexibility. Longer term, I see myself taking on new challenges. Working here means I have the choice to take on a completely new role and in a different area. I’ll enjoy seeing where that takes me.