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  • Career transition from Telstra Software Engineering to DevOps Security

    For me personally, Telstra's All Roles Flex policy (and more recently their revised Parental Leave policy), have made Telstra an appealing place to work, given that I’m not based in a major metro area and didn’t already have a Cyber Security job.

  • International opportunities with the Telstra Graduate Program

    I arrived in Hong Kong on a graduate rotation with Telstra, just before COVID-19 started to cause disruption.
    Despite the unusual circumstances lately, my experience in the Telstra Graduate Program has continued to be amazing and I’m still making sure that I get the most out of this experience every day. Here’s what I have achieved so far.

  • How I foster team connection as a leader in the digital age

    As more of us work from home, or even just in different locations from our co-workers, leaders need to continuously evolve and lead in a different way.
    Although we have amazing virtual connectivity tools available to us here at Telstra, as a leader I’ve learned that it requires a truly conscious effort on my part to ensure that my remote teams remain engaged.

  • What I have learnt from working remotely - my top tips to help you

    Working as a Telstra graduate has been a little different recently, with most office-based teams working remotely because of COVID-19.
    My team has always worked partially from home thanks to Telstra’s All Roles Flex policy, which means that for me personally, the transition hasn’t been too hard in terms of the work itself. However, I’ve found it difficult to get used to the absence of people around me each day and I really miss seeing my colleagues and fellow graduates regularly.

  • How I'm staying connected while working from home

    We were already well prepared when we made the move to working from home back in March, thanks to Telstra’s All Roles Flex policy and the support from our leaders.

    A few days before the lockdown stages began, our team conducted a test run of working from home, which enabled us to really live the experience and ensure we were set up for success.

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