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  • Balancing work with motherhood at Telstra

    Balancing being a mother with work is a whole new experience. It’s certainly challenging as my daughter is always on my mind. However, thanks to Telstra’s flexibility and a very supportive manager, my transition back to work post-parental leave has been smooth.

  • How Telstra has helped me build my dream job in the country

    I've been with Telstra for 27 years, during which I’ve managed to have many different roles and bring my job with me to my country home.

  • The collaborative mentality that helps teams succeed at Telstra

    Since the start of my career at Telstra, everyone I’ve worked with has inspired me to be a change-maker and to ‘think differently’. I go right back to my early days at a Telstra retail store and remember all the things my team taught me about different parts of the company and how they work. I think about the Supply Chain team I worked with and how they helped me communicate more effectively with stakeholders, think ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ and appreciate the importance of work that goes on behind the scenes.

  • Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2022 at Telstra

    For First Nation employees, we’ve established a broad range of partnerships, programs and engagement initiatives that ensure we all ‘Get Up, Stand Up and Show Up!’ for our Indigenous team members, and moreover, continue to prioritise fairness and opportunity for underrepresented groups.

    But don’t just take our word for it: here are some of our First Nation colleagues talking about their Telstra experience.

  • My instant connection with Telstra

    It was love at first sight for me with Telstra. I’m passionate when I talk about it because I felt so connected to the company and people so quickly.

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