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  • Do you have what it takes to work in Telstra’s retail team?

    Starting out in one of our retail stores has been the starting point for many fantastic careers here at Telstra.

    It’s a great way to get a foot in the door with the company, learn all about our industry and products we offer, and to master your sales and customer service skills. There will always be plenty of development opportunities within every store role, to help you grow your career with us.

  • Going agile: why it’s helped my team to grow

    For my commercial marketing team here at Telstra, agile working has become an incredibly important part of our daily working lives.
    Agility has improved our workflow, increased the quality of our output and enabled us to better understand and deliver on our customers’ needs.

  • Compassion, Telstra, and carving my own path as an Indigenous employee

    I’ve struggled throughout my life with what it means to be Indigenous, and I don’t always know whether to introduce myself as Aboriginal or not. It’s common for people to lump Indigenous people together, but the differences between us can be vast.

    My experience as a Telstra employee has been great though. I think there’s a good balance here between supporting Indigenous employees, while also treating them to the same as other employees.

  • My experience as an Indigenous employee: Diversity and Inclusion at Telstra

    I am Indigenous woman and joined Telstra in 2018 through the Telstra Graduate Program, along with people from a variety of backgrounds. Today, I work in the Telstra Digital Channel team.  

    I have had a very positive experience with inclusion at Telstra. I have always felt comfortable and supported.

  • How to lead, drive engagement and create culture for remote workers

    When employees work full-time from home, it can seem harder to build the relationships, trust and sense of community that’s normally associated with working together in one location.

    But while there’s an element of connection lost when you communicate online versus in person, it’s not an insurmountable problem. You can create a remote team that bonds well, stays engaged and keeps up productivity – it just requires a deliberate focus.

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