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  • My graduate experience at Telstra

    Before I joined the Telstra Graduate Program, I did a lot of part-time work at various companies – but it wasn’t until I began working at Telstra that I really felt the organisation I was working for was invested in my career development and my future. 

  • 5 tips to help you stay active while working from home

    We have all had to adapt to significant change since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Probably the biggest thing I have noticed is that it’s easy to be less active while working from home.

    So, within the first week I implemented some changes to my daily home-work routine. I thought I would share five things that we have done, which will hopefully help you to stay active.

  • Why Telstra is a great place to launch your career

    I completed my degree in Commerce majoring in Finance and Business Law at UNSW. I had a number of jobs in various industries while studying – so I already had some experience. But since I began working as a graduate at Telstra last year, I’ve been on a journey of continuous learning, development and growth.

  • The three best benefits I’ve found working at Telstra

    I chose Telstra's Graduate Program because I knew it would help me gain experience in certain areas of Human Resources (HR), which is difficult to do with an entry-level role or in a smaller company.
    I also knew I wanted to work for an iconic brand that I would be proud to represent. So, I jumped at the chance to join a telecommunications and technology organisation that is always finding ways to improve and innovate.

  • What you can look forward to at Telstra

    Telstra is a big company with so many areas to explore. As grads, we’re fortunate to start our careers in an environment where we’re encouraged to do our best.

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