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  • 5 tips to help you stay active while working from home

    We have all had to adapt to significant change since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Probably the biggest thing I have noticed is that it’s easy to be less active while working from home.

    So, within the first week I implemented some changes to my daily home-work routine. I thought I would share five things that we have done, which will hopefully help you to stay active.

  • Four leadership tips I’d give my 20-year-old self

    It feels like my journey as a leader has barely begun – but I’ve already learned so much since I was that hopeful summer vacationer. If I could deliver those learnings to myself a decade ago, they might look something like this.

  • Five ways Agile ways of working can improve your personal life

    Some of the agile practices and methodologies translate into everyday life. I have found the benefits of Agile don’t just translate to the office, they can extend to your personal life and can help improve your mindset and approach to life.

  • Three behaviours all great leaders possess

    In my time at Telstra, I have worked closely with several leaders who have had an enormous influence on the company culture. They’ve made complex things simple to understand and helped me find my courage by showing that they care.

  • 3 tips to help you build a great team culture

    Helping to build a great team culture is something that I am passionate about and I thought I would share some examples of how I have done this through my own life story.

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