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5 ways to kick-start your day (without coffee)

by Jarrod Cardy

Senior Content and Social Specialist

What does your morning routine look like? To be honest, mine isn’t great. It takes me a while to get out of my comfy bed, which gives me little time for doing the morning essentials like getting dressed and cooking breakfast.

I know it’s important to be productive in the morning as it helps to set up my day at work. So, I thought I would ask a few Telstra people what they do in the morning so that I can get a bit of inspiration. It might even help you too.

Here’s what they told me:

1 Start the day peacefully

“My morning starts with 30 minutes of yoga, followed by 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation. This allows me some peaceful time to myself, tune into how I am feeling, literally stretch out the tightness from the previous day, and cultivate a sense of calmness before heading into the busy CBD on foot, weather permitting of course!”

Cat Johnson – Talent Acquisition Partner

2 Begin with exercise

“Besides the fact that I do have a coffee when I get to work, I try to do a bit of exercise in the morning. I walk my dog first thing, and I also try to get off the train a few stops early and walk to work.

“Being sleepy usually makes me feel lazy, so walking my dog in the morning – rain, hail or shine – really starts my day off well and helps me to wake up.”

Cameron Hayes – Business Capability Lead

3 Find the energy
“I’m an early to bed, early to rise person. I get up and go to the gym in the morning because it energises me for the day. I love the routine, and it means no matter what the day has in store for me, I’ve got a workout in.

“I’m also a big fan of breakfast. I’m not sure it’s the most important meal of the day but on the weekend, it usually comes with bacon, which can only make my morning better.”

Jen Brownlee – Change Catalyst

4 Carve out some ‘me time’
“I wake up an hour earlier, and dedicate that time to myself, whether it be doing yoga, meditation, reading, or listening to a podcast.
“I make sure that I spend that one hour focused on myself, as the rest of the day is consumed with getting things done at work or at home. I realised a year ago that it can be hard to take some time out for ourselves so that’s when I made sure I had ‘me time’ every day.”

Marjan Oloumi Yazdi – Performance Specialist

5 Finally…..Get rid of coffee
“I’m happy to say that I have ditched my morning coffee. Instead, I do some gentle stretches, focusing on my back and neck because I know I’ll be sitting down for most of the day.

“Also after 30-something years of skipping it, I now have breakfast every day. I find it gets me going for what’s ahead and it’s so much better than an extra shot of coffee in a flat white.”

Heidi Harley – Learning Business Partner

So there you have it: the top five things I need to start doing in the morning, so I can get the most out of my day at work. I hope you find some inspiration from these suggestions too.

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