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What I have learnt from working remotely - my top tips to help you

by Liam Bone

Commercial Specialist

Working as a Telstra graduate has been a little different recently, with most office-based teams working remotely because of COVID-19. 
My team has always worked partially from home thanks to Telstra’s All Roles Flex policy, which means that for me personally, the transition hasn’t been too hard in terms of the work itself. However, I’ve found it difficult to get used to the absence of people around me each day and I really miss seeing my colleagues and fellow graduates regularly.
Fortunately, Telstra has been incredibly supportive in a variety of ways, which has helped, and I’ve found ways to make the best of the situation and keep myself motivated throughout this challenging time. 
Telstra has made the remote working experience easy and supportive 
For my team and I, we were already used to working from home, so were able to adapt quickly to these new circumstances.
What has been tough though, is losing so much of the personal interaction and social life that are part of the office environment. I didn't realise how much of my energy comes from being around other people, and I’ve found this aspect difficult to adjust to during COVID-19. 
Luckily, Telstra has been incredibly supportive in a variety of ways. They have been delivering me the tech gear I need to work from home. 
They've been supportive in a social sense too, providing regular team catch-ups and social gatherings on online platforms, and there’s been a company-wide effort to ensure regular meetings with Executives to talk about how they're dealing with changes. This has been very interesting and helpful for everyone in the organisation. 
Liam_Bone_wfh-(1).pngKeeping motivated and productive 

You should make the most of working remotely - it can offer many new opportunities.

The online catch-ups have enabled me to better get to know people across the business. I’ve also managed to upskill by helping our contact centre team reach out to customers, which has seen me learn more about our customers and bring this knowledge back to my team.
I’ve also learnt that during times like this, constant communication is important. We are lucky that we can still communicate online, even if we’re not able to see each other in person. I’ve kept my mentor and manager meetings going and using Microsoft Teams has allowed my fellow graduates and I to have regular video catchups, which has been great!! 

My tips for working or studying online 

From a practical perspective, I would advise creating a set schedule for yourself when working from home. It helps you to maintain focus. I also try to finish at a certain time because it’s very easy to constantly check emails throughout the night or try to finish a piece of work after hours.
Make sure you take breaks throughout the day as well. I often go to a separate part of the house for my break to ensure I rest, as it's quite easy to get caught up in your work and forget about lunch when you're continuously at your desk.
Most importantly for me though, is that I always try to get outside at least once in the day for a run or walk, which helps to clear my mind.
I am grateful that Telstra’s support throughout the pandemic has enabled me to stay both productive and connected to my colleagues, which is crucial for my state of mind. What I have learnt is that working remotely can not only be very productive if you set up the right routines and environment - it can also present opportunities to expand your skills and improve your relationships with co-workers. Make the most of it!
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