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The collaborative mentality that helps teams succeed at Telstra

by Kevin Zhang

Process Specialist

Since the start of my career at Telstra, everyone I’ve worked with has inspired me to be a change-maker and to ‘think differently’. I go right back to my early days at a Telstra retail store and remember all the things my team taught me about different parts of the company and how they work. I think about the Supply Chain team I worked with and how they helped me communicate more effectively with stakeholders, think ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ and appreciate the importance of work that goes on behind the scenes.
When I think about the teams I work with now, I can see how they are helping me refine my skills even further. They inspire me to be committed to continuous improvement, visualise processes in the most efficient way, and to always learn and support each another.
I think this sort of collaboration and teamwork is at the heart of how we work at Telstra, and I think it’s one of the many keys to our success.
You work with a tide, not against it

Telstra teams are so supportive. I value my team’s input when we’re working through solutions together, and like to help and support people whenever I can.
I think it’s important to share our experiences and look at alternative ways of doing things.

I also think everyone does their job better when they have input from others. In my team we have diverse backgrounds and knowledge, which means there’s no echo chamber of the same thoughts bouncing back and forth. Everyone has a voice and the confidence to share their opinions and challenge each other, so we ultimately reach the best outcome together.
Equal opportunities for all

Being open is always key at Telstra. No matter what title you have, there is mutual understanding from all levels that we have an open culture of collaboration and diversity of thought.

Leaders at Telstra celebrate our willingness to be so open and collaborative, and they endorse our diverse ways of thinking. We have a weekly sessions to share knowledge on the Process team because it’s such a subjective area. It’s crucial to understand how to map and ensure that mapping is up to the Business Process Model and Notation (2.0) [BPMN] standard. These meetings help us to finely hone our processes and make sure everyone's maps are presented to enable standardisation.

We lighten the meetings with a bit of fun, too. We’re encouraged to talk to team members in other areas who we don’t work with directly and we chat about our hobbies, favourite foods and so on, and we do quizzes. It makes us all feel closer as a team and as a result, we feel even more comfortable working together and openly sharing thoughts and ideas.

A recent project I’m particularly proud of
Recently I led a great collaborative effort on two projects called ‘Lost in Transit’ and ‘Damaged in transit’, which looked at the processes of how we deal with lost or damaged goods. The project really highlighted the strengths and knowledge of every person working on it, as well as our mutual passion for collaboration.
I'm really proud of this project because it gave me a chance to lead a group of creative changemakers in creating a process that could really help Telstra customers. We all wanted to make it the best it could be and come up with future enhancements. Each person brought their expertise and though it wasn’t perfect, we produced a clear and effective outcome that was well received.

With constructive feedback and continuous improvement on our minds, we’re all focused on the goal of making things better together and contributing to everyone's success. No one is left out of the conversation and everyone is thankful for each person’s contribution. Feedback is a gift and having everyone be a part of that is amazing.

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