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5 tips to help you stay active while working from home

by Adrian Immarrata

Product Strategy and Growth Senior Specialist

We have all had to adapt to significant change since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Probably the biggest thing I have noticed is that it’s easy to be less active while working from home.
Before the pandemic started, I was doing more than 10,000 steps a day. Between walking to and from the train station, moving around the office between meetings and going out for lunch, this target was easily achieved.

Now the game has changed since I have started to work from home. Early on it was easy to wake up, have breakfast and hit the computer without achieving more than 200 steps. Going outside was easily neglected and by the end of the day I was lucky to hit 5,000 steps.

So, within the first week I implemented some changes to my daily home-work routine. I thought I would share five things that we have done, which will hopefully help you to stay active.
1. Start the day right and see the sun
Rain, hail or shine, each morning our family goes for a short walk. Some days it’s for 10 minutes while on other days it’s a half an hour walk with a quick stop to grab a takeaway coffee.

It’s a great way to start the day and helps to make it a productive one too. Plus, it adds variety! Each day the weather is different and it’s an opportunity to enjoy the changes in colours and smells of our environment.

Personally, my favourite days are the rainy ones! 
2. Join virtual exercise groups
I understand that joining an exercise group online doesn’t work for everyone. To be honest, it doesn’t work for me, so I have chosen to bring exercise into the home which I will talk about next. That said, this option does work for some people - such as my partner and kids.

With gyms and children’s sports organisations shutting their doors, there is an abundance of online exercise options. Fitness First classes, F45, CrossFit and even dance classes are some examples of programs which have gone online.

My wife is doing F45 Online, and our kids have switched to doing online Zoom dance sessions in tap, hip hop and jazz. Personally, I love that they are embracing this and maintaining relationships outside the home.
3. Bring exercise into the home
For me, personal training, coaching people and all things fitness has been a hobby outside of my career at Telstra. So, I made the investment to complete my home gym and have been working out in the garage at night, writing my own program and bouncing exercise ideas off my coach online. This has been working well for me.

The key has been setting new and exciting fitness related goals, which I can slowly achieve. For example, I have set myself the goal of being able to walk 50 metres on my hands. At the beginning of lock down I was at 10 metres, and recently I set a record walking 20 metres down my driveway. So, I’m almost halfway!

Your goals don’t have to be circus tricks like handstands. It could be running a certain distance, walking, or doing a number of push ups.

Stayactive_750x500.jpg4. Use your existing resources
One of the best online resources we have here at Telstra is called ‘Thrive’. If you haven’t heard about it, Thrive is our online Health and Wellbeing portal, which is available to all employees.

It includes things like:
  • A wellness calendar – virtual health and wellbeing events you can participate in
  • A health and wellbeing toolbox, including a detailed health assessment and advice
  • Ergonomics recommendations and assessment – you can get your home set up assessed
  • Recipes
  • Fitness and health articles
If you have something similar at your organisation, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it.
5. Variety is your best friend!
Starting every day with a walk may get boring for some, even if the weather changes. That has proven to be the case for us, especially our children. So, we are mixing it up. Some days we ride the bikes, this weekend we are trying kayaks on the nearby river. Again, whatever works for you!

So, there are my top five tips for staying active during this tough time.  See how Telstra is supporting its people and customers during Covid-19.
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