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Why your career can travel any path you want at Telstra

by Vicky Andrews

Enterprise Agile Coach

I never fear transformation. I’m prepared for change and new challenges, and I’m always looking at what’s next. I’ve been working for 37 years now and I never want to just keep doing what I’ve done before.

When you work at Telstra, there’s so much opportunity to develop and grow. You’re encouraged to keep thinking about where you want your career to go and what you could do beyond what you already know. I’ve had mentors and sponsors and my own chapter leads throughout my career here, but I’ve also always had someone outside of my direct team helping me see the countless opportunities outside of where I'm sitting.

When it comes to growing taking on new opportunities, I’ve found the approach that works best is building a career within the bounds of your current role. For example, you might work in sales and you can envisage a future job around people picking what they want us to sell them rather than us selling them something. So you could build that into your day job and start testing out your ideas. In my case, I’m an agile coach and I’ve been able to see the potential of moving into a more ‘visionary’ role within this space. 

I’d love it to be a role that focuses just on adding to our maturity, free from the restrictions of the benchmarks and metrics we currently use to measure success.

Obviously, we need leadership to be looking at numbers and keeping money coming in the door, but we also want people to join Telstra because they resonate with our vision, our development opportunities, and the future they can see with us. 
The world is your oyster
The beauty of Telstra is how big and extensive it is. I’ve worked in smaller, bespoke organisations where you can be quite limited in possibility, but Telstra is a massive bubble and there are lots of opportunities to build your dream career including making the move to our partner organisations. The opportunities never stop and nor does our amazing pipeline of learning. In fact, just recently we launched an initiative called Future Ready, which is designed to upskill and reskill our people for in-demand roles. Within just a few hours of launching, the initial webinar was already almost at full capacity.

It’s a big family with a welcoming and friendly environment, and infinite careers and choices available. If you’re proactive about taking the many opportunities constantly on offer, you really can make a career at Telstra that’s anything you want it to be!

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