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Do you have what it takes to work in Telstra’s retail team?

by Victoria Muscat

TA Recruitment Specialist (AUS)

Starting out in one of our retail stores has been the starting point for many fantastic careers here at Telstra.
It’s a great way to get a foot in the door with the company, learn all about our industry and products we offer, and to master your sales and customer service skills. There will always be plenty of development opportunities within every store role, to help you grow your career with us.

Interested in joining us? Here’s how to make your way onto our exceptional Telstra retail team.
The responsibilities of our retail staff
There are many different roles in our Telstra retail stores, including Customer Sales and Service Advisor, Retail Tech Expert, Operations Manager, Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager positions.

Although each role has different responsibilities, there are some broad duties that most share, including:
  • Helping our customers face-to-face with any technical issues they have with their products.
  • Face-to-face sales of our products
  • Delivering outstanding customer service
The experience that will get you hired
For our Customer Sales and Service Consultant positions, we love candidates with strong customer service backgrounds – this doesn’t have to be in the telecommunications industry. But don’t be deterred if you don’t have customer service experience - the key thing is just being able to build a strong rapport with our customers.

We also value leadership experience and the ability to lead a team, particularly for senior positions.

Finally, any previous IT experience can help, especially for the Retail Tech Expert position where you’ll be assisting customers with technical difficulties with their products. Again, this isn’t a necessity, but it will be viewed favorably.
What Telstra retail recruiters look for in a CV
Our recruitment team at Telstra likes to see a resume that clearly outlines all relevant places of work, key responsibilities and achievements at each, and the duration of time spent with the company.
You’ll stand out even more to us if you tailor your resume to highlight skills and experience specific to the role you’re applying for.

There’s more to it than skills and experience alone though. One of the most important things we look for is the right attitude. The motivation to succeed within the role is essential. We are always keen to hire people who are clearly driven to help customers leave the store satisfied with their service. Longevity in previous workplaces are often a sign of this trait, as it shows commitment - so if we see that you were with a previous employer for a long period, you’ll definitely spark our interest.

And last, but definitely not least, resilience goes a long way as a Telstra retail employee. You’re dealing with so many people - it’s very important to stay composed, and to do your absolute best with every customer you deal with.

If you’d like to find out more about what a career in Telstra Retail looks like, check out our careers page here.
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