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Ari Tandabany

Operations and Integration Lead
Ari Tandabany is Operations and Integration Lead - High Performance Software Engineering at Telstra

Carmel Mulhern

Group General Counsel
Carmel Mulhern is Telstra's Group General Counsel. Carmel is responsible for providing legal advice to Telstra's Board, CEO and senior management.

Carmela Panuccio

Technology Specialist
Carmela is a Technology Specialist in the Consumer Product Engineering team.

Christopher Smith

Executive Director
Chris Smith has been active in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years.

Eman Younus

Network Engineer Specialist
I joined Telstra as a Networks Technology Graduate, and have now the opportunity to work as a Network Engineer Specialist.

Jarrod Cardy

Senior Content and Social Specialist
I am an experienced communications professional, who has spent time working in content marketing, social media, public relations, television journalism and news producing roles.

Jeannette McGill

Marketing Segment - Principal
I joined Telstra in 2016 when Telstra Mining Services (TMS) was formed, which meant relocating from my hometown of Johannesburg to Melbourne.

Julian Clarke

Talent and Organisational Effectiveness
Julian has worked for Telstra since 2010. Over that time, he has worked across a variety of business areas including Legal Services, Workplace Relations, and Global Enterprises.
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