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Aaliah Eggins Bryson

Product Owner – Channel Experience
. I’ve had the opportunity to grow and develop my career and now landed (what I think is) the best job in Telstra

Adam Ilyas

Software Engineering - Specialist

Alicia Mathews

Senior Specialist
Alicia has over 12 years’ experience working in management consulting, recruitment, policy development and diversity and inclusion across a number of industries.

Ami Pasricha

Network Engineer – Specialist
I work in the Customer Co-Creation and Innovation space in Product Engineering.

Angela Nguyen

Graduate – Finance

Ari Tandabany

Operations and Integration Lead
Ari Tandabany is Operations and Integration Lead - High Performance Software Engineering at Telstra

Ben Tudor

Penetration Testing - Senior Lead
Since completing a degree in Electrical Engineering, I’ve been fortunate to work across a range of roles in Telstra.

Bettina Marson

Technology Product Owner
I'm a multi-disciplinary creative living in the eclectic heart of Melbourne
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