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Bettina Marson
Technology Product Owner
 I'm a multi-disciplinary creative living in the eclectic heart of Melbourne. An award-winning artist and writer, my skills are employed in the fields of interaction design, graphic design, UX/UI design and product design for technology. I'm passionate about connecting people, services and events to one another while creating lasting impressions through interactive media. 

  • Inspiring the next generation of women in tech

    All around the world, there are fewer women than men in technology fields.  

    History has shown that a lack of diversity limits not only our own ways of thinking but how we work together as teams and how successful we are as companies.  

    In a world that is so diverse, it only makes sense that the tech industry would reflect this as well.  

  • Starting a career in UX

    When people think of user experience design, they immediately jump to interfaces and excellent customer service. But it’s far more diverse than that.