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Justin Dolman
Business Specialist
I have a strong passion in working towards social justice and community engagement programs, and I believe we should all work towards creating a better future for everyone to thrive.

  • Compassion, Telstra, and carving my own path as an Indigenous employee

    I’ve struggled throughout my life with what it means to be Indigenous, and I don’t always know whether to introduce myself as Aboriginal or not. It’s common for people to lump Indigenous people together, but the differences between us can be vast.

    My experience as a Telstra employee has been great though. I think there’s a good balance here between supporting Indigenous employees, while also treating them to the same as other employees.

  • Highlights of my graduate rotations at Telstra

    After completing my university degree, I was still not exactly sure where I wanted to take my career. But when I heard about Telstra's Graduate Program, I did a bit of research into its many benefits and pathway options.

    I decided to apply because it was encouraging to know that the Program provides graduates with the chance to broaden their experiences and explore different avenues. 

  • International opportunities with the Telstra Graduate Program

    I arrived in Hong Kong on a graduate rotation with Telstra, just before COVID-19 started to cause disruption.
    Despite the unusual circumstances lately, my experience in the Telstra Graduate Program has continued to be amazing and I’m still making sure that I get the most out of this experience every day. Here’s what I have achieved so far.

  • 5 perks and benefits of working at Telstra

    As a recent university graduate, I entered the Telstra Graduate Program unsure of the direction I wanted to take my career. 
    However, since joining the Program I’ve had so much support and inspiration from other graduates, colleagues and the Telstra careers team. I’ve been given the opportunity to experience some amazing benefits and have realised how lucky I am to begin my career at a company as great as Telstra.