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Mary Wright
Strategic Sourcing Specialist
Working in technology recruitment has allowed me to have an insight into the ever changing and inspiring world that we live in. I have been at the forefront of technology transformation and innovation by successfully building Agile teams within large enterprises and tech SMEs in the UK & Australia over the past 6 years.

The best thing about my job is that I get to connect talented individuals with career changing opportunities and projects daily. I hear about new initiatives all the time, so it's a real buzz when I'm able to find someone that will allow a business to bring an idea to life.

Now, I'm working on the most exciting transformation yet - Telstra's T22. As a business, we are consistently delivering ahead of the market and are leading the way in 5G technology and enterprise digitisation. To do that, we need the best to arm us with the tools, knowledge and skills to continue leading us into the future of technology.


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    We all know people with stellar achievements and experience who still struggle to sell themselves on paper. Resume writing is an art, and a tricky one to master.

    Rather than outlining a basic set of resume writing principles, I’m sharing an inside look into what I, and many other tech recruiters, keep an eye out for when looking at resumes and CVs.