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Monique Calleja-Kiefer
Business Development – Senior Specialist
Monique is currently working at Telstra Labs as part of the Innovation and Incubation team where customers, partners and the right technical expertise are brought together to explore challenges and co-create new business and product opportunities for Telstra.

As a natural problem solver who constantly asks “why?”, she is extremely passionate and motivated by driving, facilitating, influencing and designing products and services which ensure an amazing customer experience through customer led innovation. She considers representing the voice of the customer throughout the entire process as critical to her role as a Designer.

  • How I'm riding the tech wave to help our customers thrive

    I spend my day asking “why” a lot, and lead design sprints that focus on the future needs of our customers. I also test new concepts and building upon these regularly to ensure that the solution or product will add value to our customers and solve real problems that they are facing.