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Nathan Haveaux
Graduate – IoT Connectivity M2M
I’m a Business and Commerce Graduate at Telstra. I studied Commerce and Business Information Systems at University and majored in Project Management, Management and Business Analytics. I like the practical applications of technology, that’s not to say that I don’t fully understand or enjoy the very deep in-depth workings of complicated networks and computing, but more what it can enable, what we can do with it, and how we can harness it to make things better. I like to create things, to find out how they work, to find out what happens when I do “…this!” and to improve them and make them more efficient.

I’ve been able to work on some exciting projects at Telstra, such as launching platforms that will form some of the basis for the Internet of Things within Australia. Through this I’ve been able to engage and learn from so many talented and experienced people from within the organisation but do work that I never thought I would have the chance to do as a graduate; such as leading the negotiating of contracts with international customers, set prices and inclusions for some of our plans and help name products.