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Stephen Chu
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After completing a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Economics at UNSW, I joined Telstra as a graduate. I started in the Service Delivery team, moved to Integrated Strategy, and I’m now in the Add-Ons team in Consumer and Small Business. I have always been interested in the world of technology and telecommunications. Everyday I’m learning a new skill, learning about a new product or actively trying to meet someone new.

Telstra is focused on building a connected future and I’m focused on bringing people together so we can help each other achieve our goals. I enjoy helping our clients, internal stakeholders and bringing our graduate cohort together to add greater value to the organisation. This was recognised by my election to the Telstra Graduate Association as a Graduate Ambassador.

  • Making the transition from graduate to fully-fledged member of the Telstra team

    The Telstra Graduate Program does such a great job of integrating you into the company (and working life) that when the time comes to move into a permanent role here, the transition is practically seamless.

    It’s rewarding to see the benefits of being on the program come to life now that my career is underway. Here’s what it’s been like going from a Telstra graduate to a fully-fledged member of the Telstra team.

  • Maximising your graduate program experience

    My experience in the Telstra Graduate Program has been nothing short of amazing. The experiences I’ve had and the skills I’ve learnt have given me the foundations for a successful career.
    Telstra’s Graduate Program helps you to build upon what you’ve learnt at university and gives you an avenue to put it into practice.

  • My graduate journey so far

    As a Telstra Graduate Ambassador, I add value to the overall graduate experience by bringing together grads from different business functions and backgrounds.