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My experience as an Indigenous employee: Diversity and Inclusion at Telstra

I am an Indigenous woman and joined Telstra in 2018 through the Telstra Graduate Program, along with people from a variety of backgrounds. Today, I work in the Telstra Digital Channel team.  
I have had a very positive experience with inclusion at Telstra. I have always felt comfortable and supported.

So how is Telstra doing it?
My experience with Telstra
What Telstra does so well, is ensure Indigenous employees are supported, without making us feel singled out.
Everyone was extremely supportive of me here from the start. Even during the process of applying, a member of the Diversity and Inclusion team called me, just to check how I was doing with the application.

Some Indigenous employees start their careers at Telstra through the CareerTrackers Program, which gives university students work experience over the summer. This program can then lead into the Grad Program and full-time employment thereafter.
Indigenous employees and the Dharrang Program
One of the ways Telstra is helping create an inclusive environment is through Dharrang, our Indigenous employee representative group (ERG). In Wiradjuri, Dharrang means “message stick”. The group aims to represent Indigenous voices at Telstra and give us a platform to share our knowledge, ideas, culture and heritage.

For Reconciliation Week this year (27 May – 3 June), I was lucky enough to be one of the organisers for Telstra’s online event, along with 2 other Dharrang members. We were just aiming for 50 attendees but ended up with 267! It was amazing to see the support and engagement from people across the organisation.
Forming a great Indigenous community within Telstra
Telstra has been amazing in connecting me with teams and groups across the country and being part of Dharrang has really meant a lot. Our ERG is set up to include both Indigenous people and Allies, which allows everyone to get involved in cultural and community events.

The creation of a community for Indigenous people within the workplace means building links both within and beyond Indigenous spheres - and I love how it connects us to one another, regardless of where we work within the company. I’ve also had the opportunity to deepen my own knowledge and learn about other languages and cultural practices.
Having a strong Indigenous presence throughout Telstra ensures that we’re celebrated for our skills and innovation.

At the end of the day, I’m grateful for how the Telstra community respects different cultures and lifestyles. I feel confident I made the right decision to start my career at a company that values diversity and work-life balance.

Interested in the Telstra Graduate Program? Head to the Telstra Careers website for information.
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