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Find out about the cutting edge work our people are doing to help make our customer’s lives easier.
  • How I’ve Helped Get Telstra’s ‘Unconference’ Events off the Ground

    As a member of the Telstra Unconference organising committee, it was really great to see our first event of 2021 in April go so well.

  • What my life changing accident has shown me about Telstra’s amazing culture

    In my experience with people with disabilities, no one with special needs wants to be treated in a special way. What they want is to be spoken to in the same way and with the same respect, as everybody else. They also want the environment to enable them but without big signs saying “disability here”.

  • International Women’s Day: Inclusive work culture helps women thrive

    I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion and creating opportunities for our people to do great work, including accommodating diverse needs, working preferences and creating new career paths for both women and men to re-enter the workforce and have fulfilling careers.
    To mark International Women’s Day I asked some of my colleagues to share a bit more about the work that they do and their experience at Telstra.

  • Let’s inspire more young women to fall in love with STEM

    From an early age, I really enjoyed puzzles. Maybe those children’s puzzle books paved the way for my interest in engineering, a career full of problem-solving. It can’t be a coincidence that coding and solving puzzles give me the same feeling of satisfaction... thanks Mum for the books!
    As I got older, the excitement of the ever-changing tech industry and range of new consumer devices really piqued my interest. And once you become the 'go-to techie' for friends and family, they'll never let you choose any other career.

  • Going agile: why it’s helped my team to grow

    For my commercial marketing team here at Telstra, agile working has become an incredibly important part of our daily working lives.
    Agility has improved our workflow, increased the quality of our output and enabled us to better understand and deliver on our customers’ needs.

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