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Find out about the cutting edge work our people are doing to help make our customer’s lives easier.
  • An insight into working in Telstra's virtual team environment

    As someone who has recently joined a new team at Telstra, taking the leap from working in the office to being part of a virtual team has required some adaptation.

  • Inspiring the next generation of women in tech

    All around the world, there are fewer women than men in technology fields.  

    History has shown that a lack of diversity limits not only our own ways of thinking but how we work together as teams and how successful we are as companies.  

    In a world that is so diverse, it only makes sense that the tech industry would reflect this as well.  

  • How I'm riding the tech wave to help our customers thrive

    I spend my day asking “why” a lot, and lead design sprints that focus on the future needs of our customers. I also test new concepts and building upon these regularly to ensure that the solution or product will add value to our customers and solve real problems that they are facing.

  • STEAM vs STEM: Redefining key skills for the future

    Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are incredibly valuable in enabling us to solve complex problems. These skills form the basis of many of the tech roles Telstra has today.

  • A passion for tech that's inspiring girls worldwide

    The thing that gets me really excited about engineering and technology, and why I love doing what I'm doing, is that it is so versatile and full of real-life applications. It’s about the impact that you are having through the technology solution being developed, as opposed to just playing around with some cool tech.

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