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How I'm riding the tech wave to help our customers thrive

by Monique Calleja-Kiefer

Business Development – Senior Specialist

I started my career at Telstra eight years ago in one of our contact centres. It was a great way to start my journey here as I got to speak directly to our customers and learnt early on about the importance of empathy as a cornerstone for success in customer service. From this I was able to understand customers and learn more about their needs from Telstra.

Over the past 8 years I have had the opportunity to work across many areas within Telstra, ranging from Consumer and Small Business, Telstra Business, Enterprise and most recently within Telstra Labs.

Telstra has supported my career and personal development from the beginning, opening up various skill development opportunities which have led to the role I am in today. It’s amazing to say that I’m now an Innovation Service Designer exploring new product and business development opportunities.

I spend my day asking “why” a lot, and lead design sprints that focus on the future needs of our customers. I also test new concepts and building upon these regularly to ensure that the solution or product will add value to our customers and solve real problems that they are facing.
The work I do is fascinating and heavily focused on how new technologies can help improve the lives of our customers, and in some instances even save their lives.

For example, at Telstra Vantage, I showcased a project I led through our innovation Design Sprints. It focused on road worker road safety and how we can help reduce the risks involved for workers when setting up and closing work sites. Together with Transurban, we co-created these semi-autonomous cones that self-position using GPS and our 4G network so workers no longer need to step out into live traffic to set up or remove the traffic cones that protect their working areas.

As a team, we also have access to a lot of different eco-system environments including many start-ups outside of Telstra. The eco-system that we have at the Labs has taught us different ways to tackle complex problems, ideate new concept solutions and has brought many different way of thinking and working to our Design Sprints. Having access to these sorts of environments and focusing on how they do things differently is invaluable and something I really appreciate. 

I would describe my team as highly passionate about problem solving, inquisitive, and very collaborative.
We work closely with our customers and that’s where, I believe, our success comes from. We are also very diverse - we’ve got people from different backgrounds who have distinct skillsets.

I think diversity is very important in any team, but even more so in a team that needs to be innovative and create technologies for customers – having different minds, backgrounds and skills can only help challenge the norm and create innovative solutions that solve real customer problems.

If you’re interested in a career in technology, check out the roles that are currently available. Or if you're a graduate looking to kick-start your career, applications for our Telstra Graduate Program open on March 3. 
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