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How Telstra took me from casual to customer expert in a few years

by Kevin Zhang

Process Specialist

I started working with Telstra in a retail store helping make a difference to customers every day. It’s amazing to think that this casual role was the first step in such an exciting career. I’ve gone from directly helping customers to supply chain operations to my current role as a Process Specialist in the Re-Engineering team.
What I love about Telstra is the focus on change, innovation and learning. My friends and colleagues here foster learning, learning sparks change and change creates innovation. These synergies are so exciting because they constantly inspire me to think about the realms of possibility for change that will improve our business and provide a great experience to our customers.
I also appreciate how much support I get from Telstra to take my career wherever I want it to go. I’ve acquired a lot of skills and certifications through the company and developed a great career I really enjoy as a result.

My transition from the retail floor to ops
My first role with Telstra in one of our retail stores was incredibly eye-opening. I talked to hundreds of customers from different backgrounds, states and countries each week, and I took the time to understand each person's needs. Then I worked out how to assist them and provide the best Telstra experience. 

This evolved into me working at the Telstra contact centres, where I talked to small business owners all over Australia about migrating over to the NBN – another great experience! Eventually from there I transitioned into supply chain operations (SCOps).

Working in SCOps was a life-changing experience. It made me think about process, which is the backbone of any business. It reiterated to me that sharing processes and collaborating on them with others is integral to this business. I think operation planning is so important for a smooth day at work. Planning daily operations properly is a necessity if you want things to run smoothly.

I also worked alongside external stakeholders on process improvements, which plunged me into thinking upstream and downstream. I can truly say that being in SCOps evolved my way of thinking. It gave me the understanding and knowledge I needed to move on to my next and current role as a Process Specialist.
I can thank Telstra for my skill development
Telstra has provided me ample opportunity to keep learning in both formal and informal ways. I thank my leaders and mentors for supporting all the learning opportunities provided by Telstra.
There are just so many courses and credentials to access and I love the constant skill development.

From ‘Future Ready’ courses and LinkedIn Learning, to my Data Literacy course at UTS and Cyber Security Fundamentals at UNSW, all of it is so useful in all my work.

Now my focus is on our Priority Assist service. This is such an important project and I am working on ensuring its processes are concise and easy to navigate. For me, the customer always comes first, just as they did in my first role at Telstra.

I often think about my grandma when it comes to Priority Assist. She's 92, lives alone and has health issues. Just thinking about her motivates me to come up with any way I can to make the service as simple and accessible as possible for those who need it. I have to say it’s a great feeling to be part of building something that’s going to help so many people!

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