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Why flexibility at work means living the life I love

by Yasmine Shakib

Recruitment Specialist

I used to travel four hours a day to get to work. I live on the Central Coast so I can be near the beach in an affordable house that I don’t have to share, but my job at that time was in the Sydney CBD with no flexible work options. Despite living in a beautiful location, I spent a huge chunk of my day commuting, and often I was too tired at the end of a long day to even have dinner, let alone enjoy my surroundings. Life whizzed by either working or getting to or from work.  

Working at Telstra couldn’t be further from that lifestyle. I can work from home so I don’t need to wake up at silly o’clock to start my commute. I don’t have to swap my Converse for heels as I walk into an office (in fact, I don’t even have to wear shoes if I don’t want to!). I have flexibility, balance and choice in how I structure my day, and I even have time to prepare food for my partner, even though I can’t cook to save our lives!  

The importance of finding a real balance 

Life is so much bigger than just your job, no matter how much you may love it. When your only focus is work, you don’t give everything else in your life enough attention. What about outdoor activities and connecting with nature? What about wrapping yourself and your partner in a furry blanket like burritos in front of the TV during winter? What about drinking games, celebrations of life, learning new skills and languages and traveling to places you’ve never been?  

Life is vast and we can't just sit in one corner of it and expect to be fulfilled. Besides which, I think that if you nourish your soul, it will make you even better at your job.

For me, having flexibility at work means I can be around my boyfriend (who works remotely too) and give each other moral support all day, and ensure my Great Dane gets his daily medication on time. I can go to the dentist on my lunch break and work a little later if I need to. It means I now have four hours back in my day that I can use to tell my dog he’s the goodest boy, or do the laundry or cuddle up with my little family on the couch to watch a TV show before bed.  

It means I’ve finally been able to achieve a balance that keeps me happy, healthy and content. 

My advice? Make work-life balance a priority 

If I could recommend one thing to look for in an employer, it’s respect for life outside of work. Telstra doesn’t just say they want employees to have a work-life balance; they show us with their policies and the way they encourage us to switch off after hours.  

Our Flexible Working Policy allows us to discuss what hours work best for us with our leader and implement them if it works with the rest of the team. For example, some of our employees have school drop-offs so they work around those hours with perfect success. We have also just voted on a change to our contracts that will allow us to work even more flexibly – to do our 37.5 hours a week however it works best for us, any day of the week from Monday to Sunday.   

Beyond that, Telstra allows employees to work out of other countries where we have a presence. This includes the option to do a short-term (31-183 days) or long-term (over 183 days) relocation to New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, the UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong or India.  

My own experience is a testament to the genuine impact of Telstra’s flexible work policies. If you’re looking for more freedom and flexibility yourself, why not explore a role with us


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