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Get an insight into the innovative work our people are doing every day and how they have grown their careers at Telstra.
  • Career transition from Telstra Software Engineering to DevOps Security

    For me personally, Telstra's All Roles Flex policy (and more recently their revised Parental Leave policy), have made Telstra an appealing place to work, given that I’m not based in a major metro area and didn’t already have a Cyber Security job.

  • From computer game fan to cyber security lead – meet Tara

    For the last five years Tara's led Telstra’s Open Source Intelligent (OSINT) unit, a specialist team that uses digital technologies and scours openly available sources of information, to find intelligence that helps protect our people and assets from malicious cyber threats and help us better understand threats to Telstra or our customers.

  • My round-the-world journey to Telstra

    Working for the right employer is one the biggest components of career progression, so choosing to join Telstra was a no-brainer. I knew working here would give me the chance to be at the heart of innovation, ensuring safety, security and adoption of new technologies at scale, to drive efficiency and performance.

  • From intern to Pen Testing lead - Meet Ben

    Ben Tudor has been part of the Telstra team for nearly seven years. He started in our Summer Vacation Program, before landing a place in our Telstra Graduate Program. 

  • Starting a career in UX

    When people think of user experience design, they immediately jump to interfaces and excellent customer service. But it’s far more diverse than that.

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