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How Telstra is empowering me to work from anywhere

by Justin Dolman

Business Specialist

Flexible working is one of the main things that attracted me to Telstra. I love working from home, but I also love the social aspect of working in the office, so I really value being able to choose where, when and how I work, and that I can base this entirely on how I'm feeling on the day. 

Telstra provides flexible working opportunities through location, career movements, start/finish times, and leave options. In 2020, I spent most of the year working in Hong Kong. While that was a role shift and not a location-agnostic situation, it’s also incredible to know you have options at Telstra to work in an international environment. 

I've definitely made the most of being able to work remotely in my current role. For the majority of 2021, I was visiting family and friends in various towns across Queensland. I was able to spend six months in Cairns with my sister and two-year-old nephew – and I was able to spend quality time with them throughout the working day, not just afterhours. Some days I would bring the laptop to the park, or between meetings I could play outside. Sometimes I would work from the lounge room and my nephew was perched beside me “working” with his alphabet keyboard and bunny-ears headset. It was awesome. 

The flexible options at Telstra 
The most prominent form of flexibility offered at Telstra is our flexible working policy. Essentially, this allows Telstra employees to work from any location across Australia with a safe workspace and a reliable network. 
Even before Covid-19, I (and many other employees) had been adopting flexible working.

I would just decide each morning whether I’d like to work from home, or from the office, or a combination of both – I would often start my mornings at home and come into the office in the afternoon to catch up with colleagues.  

I've also made the most of flexible start/finish times, by working when I feel most productive, and the various leave options - for example I’ve taken advantage of our volunteer leave to support a few local not-for-profits. 

Career movement
Career-wise there’s a lot of flexibility here too. In the last three years I’ve worked across seven different teams. This is partly thanks to the Graduate Program, which offers rotations across three different teams before rolling-off to a permanent position, and partly due to the flexible nature of the organisation in general. 

Each lateral and diagonal move has given me the opportunity to learn about a different area of the organisation and learn about how each team is interconnected while building up my network. Right now, I’m on secondment as a Strategy and Transformation Delivery Specialist in our Performance and Planning team.   
Having control of my work routine is important to me
It gives me a huge sense of autonomy. I'm trusted to deliver work when it's needed, and I'm also given the freedom to do this on my own terms. This motivates me to be more responsible with both my work and how I prioritise between tasks. 

I have to say I’m glad things are opening back up at the moment and I'm looking forward to spending some more time in the office. I would also love to explore Telstra’s All Roles Flex Global Mobility Policy at some point, which enables employees to perform their current role in selected countries in certain circumstances. I’m considering some small trips within Australia as well (I’d love to go to Tasmania for a while) and knowing it’s all an option is really great. There’s always this feeling of possibility and opportunity when you work here, and I absolutely love that! 

Keen to work in a flexible environment brimming with opportunities? Head to Telstra’s careers page for job openings now!
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