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Graduates and Interns

Our talented grads and interns give you a peek into Telstra life and how they are shaping their own careers.
  • An insider’s guide to Telstra: My journey through the Telstra Graduate Program

    I’ve been supported in many ways at Telstra. As a graduate, everyone knows you’re still learning, and they’re all there to guide and help you.

  • 5 perks and benefits of working at Telstra

    As a recent university graduate, I entered the Telstra Graduate Program unsure of the direction I wanted to take my career. 
    However, since joining the Program I’ve had so much support and inspiration from other graduates, colleagues and the Telstra careers team. I’ve been given the opportunity to experience some amazing benefits and have realised how lucky I am to begin my career at a company as great as Telstra.

  • My graduate experience at Telstra

    Before I joined the Telstra Graduate Program, I did a lot of part-time work at various companies – but it wasn’t until I began working at Telstra that I really felt the organisation I was working for was invested in my career development and my future. 

  • Why Telstra is a great place to launch your career

    I completed my degree in Commerce majoring in Finance and Business Law at UNSW. I had a number of jobs in various industries while studying – so I already had some experience. But since I began working as a graduate at Telstra last year, I’ve been on a journey of continuous learning, development and growth.

  • The three best benefits I’ve found working at Telstra

    I chose Telstra's Graduate Program because I knew it would help me gain experience in certain areas of Human Resources (HR), which is difficult to do with an entry-level role or in a smaller company.
    I also knew I wanted to work for an iconic brand that I would be proud to represent. So, I jumped at the chance to join a telecommunications and technology organisation that is always finding ways to improve and innovate.

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