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The three best benefits I’ve found working at Telstra

by Tyrone Floro

HR Graduate - Telstra

I chose Telstra's Graduate Program because I knew it would help me gain experience in certain areas of Human Resources (HR), which is difficult to do with an entry-level role or in a smaller company.
I also knew I wanted to work for an iconic brand that I would be proud to represent. So, I jumped at the chance to join a telecommunications and technology organisation that is always finding ways to improve and innovate.

Where I started...

Apart from numerous retail roles throughout the years, I started my HR career in a government department as a HR Officer working in a team that predominantly resolved health and injury incidents and provisioned reasonable adjustments. 
After this, I went on student exchange and lived in the UK for six months then travelled for almost three months. While on exchange, I became interested in being able to work with people from around the world. This helped in expanding my global mindset and ambitions of working for a global organisation, which is yet another reason why I chose Telstra's Graduate Program.

What Telstra has given me..

Working at Telstra is truly flexible. I live far outside the Sydney business district and I’ve been able to alter my working hours to start and finish later as it better suits my schedule. Working from home is also an option for me, so when there are train disruptions, I can get my work done remotely. 
The ability to purchase extra leave is also an amazing perk! I’m excited to be heading off to explore parts of Asia and the Balkans this year, which is only possible thanks to Telstra’s leave policies. Telstra and my team leader being flexible in letting me have time off work is really meaningful to me, especially when I get to use that time to explore the world.

Targeted work opportunities
Telstra’s size means there are lots of development opportunities, no matter what stage in your career you’re at.

I came into the Graduate Program with over a year and half of HR experience but was ready to move into work that was more project-based. I expressed my areas of interest in HR during the recruitment process, and as a result I was placed in learning and organisational development and was able to carve my own path.

Exposure to industry-leading work practices

Telstra is one of Australia’s most established brands, which exposes you to the best and most innovative work practices. For example, not all companies have teams that specialise in employee experience, but I’m lucky enough to be a part of that team here at Telstra.
We’re also leading the way in terms of our employee experience strategy. I’m fortunate to be at the forefront of this strategy, ensuring employee feedback empowers leaders and their teams to improve their day-to-day lives at work.

Final thoughts..

The fact that the rotational experience was solely HR-based was what really attracted me to the Telstra Graduate program. After I had received the job offer, I remember two graduates in the years before me set aside time to have a conversation with me about their experiences so I could make an informed decision. 
This really highlighted how Telstra's employees truly care about people – whether they’re customers or future colleagues – and it makes me proud to work for a values-led organisation. 
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