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Eight tips on how you can succeed in your graduate role

by Trent Farrar

Telstra Enterprise – Graduate

In my opinion, the best way to get the most out of your graduate experience is by moving out of your comfort zone.
As a Telstra graduate, you’re supported to do anything that interests you, so you can take the chance to try things you may not have necessarily imagined yourself doing.
The flexibility and supportive culture at Telstra has enabled me to explore various career options and to learn that I like working in areas that I didn't think I would.
These are the most valuable things I’ve taken away from my Telstra graduate experience and the top pieces of advice I would pass on to future grads: 
How you can make the most of your graduate role
  1. Never limit your support network to just your immediate team - if you are working on a task and you know someone outside your team is skilled in that area, never be shy to ask them for help. In my experience that person will help you. People take pride and satisfaction in helping others to learn and grow.
  1. Break large, complex projects into very simple achievable goals - I was once working on a complex analytics project and feeling overwhelmed. However, a colleague gave me some great advice to look at the end state of where you want to get to, and then break things down into small parts. I listened and got into a good groove by completing small tasks that eventually led to the bigger goal.
  1. Hold yourself accountable for your professional growth - you have got to be accountable individually in order to get things done because there is not always going to be a black and white answer to everything. There will often be a grey area, and you have to be confident in yourself to navigate that grey area.
  1. Be open to new opportunities - you will find that you grow most when pushed out of your comfort zone, as you’re able to learn things you didn’t think you’d be capable of. At first, I had a narrow mindset of what I wanted to work on and how I liked to learn, but I discovered that the reality can be very different to what you expected or are used to, in a good way.
  1. Be consistent in your work - there will be times when you have to complete a task that is out of your element. During these periods, you have to be just as consistent in your work as you are with projects you enjoy.
  1. Another important skill is having an open and transparent style of communication. Learning this has led me to achieve far better results because I’m conveying what I need, not just what people want to hear.
  1. The graduate team organises so many excellent social activities and attending as many events as possible will really enhance your graduate experience. Even though I’ve missed out on some of these because I live quite far away, I’ve still created relationships with my amazing fellow grads. It makes my time with Telstra even more enjoyable and helps to create a valuable peer network that I really appreciate. 
One last way you can enhance your graduate experience
It may sound daunting but having the courage to request regular feedback from your leader and colleagues will really benefit your whole experience. You’ll advance much quicker if you’re constantly aware of the things that need improving, rather than waiting until the end of your rotation to receive feedback.
Though this might sound obvious, once you receive the feedback, make sure that you don’t just sit there and dwell on it. Instead, use it to your advantage by taking action.
Asking questions like “how do you think I am going?” and “what do I need to improve on?” helped me to become so much more self-aware and grow both personally and professionally.
Are you interested in becoming a Telstra Graduate? Check out the Telstra Careers page for more information. 
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