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Indigenous students have the opportunity of a lifetime with CareerTrackers & Telstra

by Kaine Bloomfield

Product Design Specialist

CareerTrackers is an intern program for Indigenous students that I signed up to at university. I was placed on three internships and ultimately ended up where I currently am - on the Telstra Graduate Program.
I’ve been at Telstra for a year and a half and it’s been a great experience so far. There’s a lot of support career-wise and I’ve really enjoyed interacting with all my fellow grads and building up my network.
I’ve also felt a lot of support as an Indigenous person. I’m part of Telstra’s Indigenous support group called Dharrang, and an Indigenous employee resource group called Yaama Yaama – a fun social community space where we chat and get together for parties and events.
My rotations and teams so far
For my first rotation, I worked in Procurement. That was a really interesting experience because I got to learn about the whole supply chain. Then when COVID hit, I was in the Call Centre and got to work right on the frontline. It was intense but a very valuable learning experience.
Following that I joined the Gaming team, which is quite different to what you might imagine. It's not about playing games, but rather about the background handling of customer systems and how they function. Even though I didn’t spend my time gaming, I really enjoyed it!

My current role on the Workplace Technology Solutions team is primarily to assist with the ordering and improvement of the My Home Toolkit program. One of my responsibilities is handling order-related queries from our employees about their Toolkits.  This is an especially fulfilling role as everything I do ultimately assists others.

I’m hoping my next rotation will be in Asset Management - fingers crossed!
The support for Indigenous employees is strong
When my grad cohort first joined Telstra, I remember seeing a showcase of all the employee groups across the business. I joined Dharrang straight away and immediately found it a safe space.

Dharrang holds meetings with senior leaders at Telstra to help direct some of the Indigenous policies and initiatives the business is pursuing. Anyone can pitch ideas or voice any concerns, which are then taken to higher management to be addressed.

Essentially, this means we get a direct line to the executive team to help them best support Telstra’s Indigenous employees.
Telstra sees you as an individual
I had to do the first half of the Grad Program while I was still technically at uni, because I had one unit to complete before graduating. I was worried this would make me ineligible and disclosed it early on, but Telstra was great about it.

There were periods where I would need time to finish my exams and my team was more than happy to work around that. 
I was able to work and study flexibly, which was an amazing opportunity.

For me, this is a perfect example of how Telstra supports people on an individual level, even when it’s not something that’s of direct benefit to the business. I can see myself here long into the future – hopefully alongside many of the grads who started their Telstra journey at the same time as me.

Interested in joining us? Learn more about the CareerTrackers program and graduate opportunities at Telstra.
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