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My journey from intern to graduate at Telstra

by Mayur Kriplani

Cyber Security Product Specialist

I started my journey at Telstra in the Summer Internship Program as an information and cyber security intern. One of my most memorable experiences was working in Telstra Labs and it was an eye-opening experience.

The three months I spent there were amazing, as I got to learn about what Telstra is doing in cyber security, V2X autonomous cars, drone technology, virtual reality and augmented reality, humanoids and machine learning.

Although I was only an Intern, I was encouraged by my leaders to work on projects and present my work at the Telstra Labs monthly showcase. I even conducted a brown-bag session to an audience of around 60 Telstra technology experts.

At the end of the Summer Internship Program, I was lucky enough to be offered a place in the Telstra Graduate Program, which started in early 2020.

My first rotation is in the Cyber Security Products team where I’m able to learn about various cyber security product constructs and the technical processes behind them.

Being part of this team, especially with Steve MacDonald as my leader, has been inspirational as it’s helped me to grow as an individual and boost my self-confidence.

I’ve also improved my tech skills and I now have a better understanding of why it’s so important to think about our customers’ needs when we’re making a new product.

It was here I also found my mentor, Mike Simpson, who deployed the first ever commercial firewall in Australia. I have already learnt so much from him and we meet regularly for a coffee catch up, so I can get even more advice from him.  

The guidance and support I have received from this team has been unparalleled, especially as we work from home due to COVID-19. My leaders have ensured we continue to remain connected as a team and they’re always there in case I need help.

I have also been impressed by how much Telstra’s agile ways of working and the organisation’s all roles flex policy is embraced.

I have been able to put these work perks into action as I recently travelled to Sydney earlier in the year and was surprised to find out easy it was to work in a new location.

Being able to work in this new office gave me the time to meet some amazing new colleagues, who helped me to acclimatise and introduce me to a few new Telstra leaders.  

This experience tells me that Telstra is a company, which is welcoming and helps its people to become better individuals.

I have also found that Telstra is an organisation that is passionate about creating an environment that’s inclusive and supportive for all its people

Recently, I organised and hosted a cultural diversity and inclusion session, which was a great chance for myself and a few other graduates to talk about our backgrounds.

Many senior leaders reached out to me to support this and during the session they shared the many reasons why they are so focused on creating an inclusive work experience. It was incredible to listen to. 

I am halfway through the Telstra Graduate Program and I feel extremely proud to say that I work for this organisation.

I can honestly say that being a part of this program has been the best thing that could have happened to me since graduating from university.

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