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Kickstarting my Network Engineering career as a Telstra Graduate in Hong Kong

by Pranshu Gulati

Graduate 2020 - Network Engineering (Hong Kong)

I joined the Telstra Graduate Program in Asia in early October so I’m still learning the ropes, but so far the experience has been great. 
I’ve felt well supported since the beginning, which goes a long way to getting settled. The Program Lead, Candy Lam, has been guiding all of us international grads through everything and giving us a lot of insight into what Telstra is like as an organisation. My teammates have also been very helpful.
I’m only a couple of months in, but I’ve already met so many new people, had chats over coffee with senior leaders and learned so much in this short time. I’m really looking forward to what’s coming up next. 
What led me to work at Telstra
Network engineering is something I have been interested in since my university days. I studied some topics during my Electronics Engineering degree at the University of Hong Kong and found it fascinating.

When I was choosing my next step as a graduate, I was keen on finding an opportunity to explore network engineering as a career. Telstra offered exactly what I wanted, in an ideal setting. I liked that they rotate you through multiple teams during your time in the program, so you get exposure to more than one area. It’s also such a large organisation with plenty of career opportunities available, and it has an excellent reputation. It was a pretty easy choice for me, to tell you the truth!
Great support
I graduated from university in early 2020, and after gaining a place in the program, I joined the company’s networking engineering department for my first rotation. My current placement is in the Transmission, Planning and Engineering team.
Aside from the strong support I’ve received, my team members have also made my introduction to Telstra really smooth.

They take it slowly with me and make sure that I understand everything. A lot of my time was initially spent getting to grips with what the team does and how it fits into the Telstra ecosystem. There’s been a lot of reading and research into the technical things I have to do – one of many skills I’ve had the chance to work on.
Developing my professional skill set
As well as the technical side of things, I have been able to improve on my soft skills, such as communication and general teamwork. Within my team, I have to work with a lot of different people, which means good interpersonal skills are a must. It’s important to be able to clearly communicate with each other about what you both need.

Something I didn’t expect as a graduate was to be interacting with high-level leaders! Just yesterday, one of the other graduates and I were invited to meet with a very senior member of the business and have a chat with him over coffee. Talking to people in positions like that is inspiring and educational. I also had a similar experience on my first day with the company, and I couldn’t believe I was sitting there and talking to such an important stakeholder, let alone on my very first day!

Interested in applying for a spot-on Telstra’s Graduate Program in Asia? Head to the Telstra Careers website for more information.
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