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I’m part of meaningful and innovative projects

by Preetpal Sharma

Cyber Security Graduate

I heard about Telstra a few months before applying for the Graduate Program 2018. The first thing that caught my attention was how welcoming the company is to international students.

After talking to a few people on LinkedIn about the Program, I learned more about how good the culture is, the value Telstra puts on getting the right the work-life balance for its people and possible projects I could be working on.

One of the things that attracted me the most was the opportunity to rotate in different teams across the organisation. Having the chance to experience new career possibilities and find a suitable role within the company is a gift for life.

My experience as a graduate at Telstra has been incredible. I have developed professionally and personally, and what I like the most is that my opinion is always valued here.

As a Cyber Security Graduate, I get exposure to different security tools and cutting edge software that I didn’t hear about before I joined the Program.

The Telstra Graduate Program has given me the opportunity to explore things about myself that I did not know of and learn how I can utilise those to add value to my life and career. By cooperating with various teams across the business, I had the chance to perform different roles and learn how to work independently.

As a graduate at Telstra, I feel like I am being trusted at all times, and that feels fantastic.

In particular, the rotation options that I did helped me tap into various aspects of this whole experience, it put me in contact with incredible people who were willing to share their knowledge with me. I have learnt so much.

A lot of people asked me what it takes to join the Graduate Program, and I honestly think it’s important to be genuine.

You do not need to put up a show. Just do your research about the company and learn about the current projects - it’s essential to understand how you may fit in.

As part of my third and final rotation, I am moving into the Penetration Testing and Cloud Security team. After completing my Graduate Program, I plan to continue in Cyber Security as a Security Specialist and help Telstra stay protected against cyber threats.

Want to join Preetpal Sharma in the Telstra Graduate Program? Applications are now open. 

*This blog has been republished with the permission of GradAustralia.*
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