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My experience as a Software Engineer grad in Singapore

I started my exciting journey as a software engineering graduate just over 4 months ago and I’m currently working in Telstra International’s High-Performance Software Engineering (HPSE) team in Singapore.

The Program has helped me to work in an area I love – technology.

My day to day work involves programming, code reviews, knowledge transfer, working with other teams internationally, and having multiple discussions with stakeholders about design requirements.

I work in an Agile team and this means I get to collaborate with people right across the company.

As part of the Telstra Graduate Program in Asia, I go through two rotations and it allows me to experience different parts of Telstra’s software ecosystem and learn a range of new skills.

While I’m currently doing software development, there are other functionalities I look forward to exploring, such as working on the AWS cloud infrastructure or working with lots and lots of data!

Being part of the Program has provided me with the opportunity to be adventurous, learn, fail fast and learn again.

It has been an amazing experience so far, as I’ve been able to learn from my fantastic team mates and mentors.

To be able to learn from people with proper experience and industry knowledge is a huge plus for me as a graduate and working on many projects has been a perfect platform to leverage the knowledge I had accumulated at university.

Applications for our Telstra Graduate Program in Asia open on March 10. Find out more. 

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