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What it means to be a Network Engineer Graduate in Hong Kong

by Priya Srivastava

Network Engineer - Specialist

I always wanted to gain hands-on experience in telecommunications as soon as I graduated from university.

Luckily for me, Telstra’s Graduate Program in Asia had everything I was looking for to start my career - a Program that would give me the opportunity to work in different teams and projects.

Being part of the Program has also allowed me to design my own path and choose the areas that fit in with my goals and career aspirations.

My experience as a Telstra graduate started with the Transmission Planning and Engineering team. I’m currently working on projects that have a positive impact on millions of people around the world.
What I value the most besides the technical training I am receiving here at Telstra, is the help, guidance and attention I receive from my mentor, manager and colleagues. 
Everyone at Telstra is super welcoming and always on their toes to help you whenever you need them, the work culture is beyond good!

I’m almost at the end of my first rotation and I’m very excited to start my next rotation.

Besides the technical experience I have been gaining from the program, I absolutely love that all Telstra graduates are given the opportunity to plan and run events where we get to strengthen our presentation, communication, time management and team-work skills.

I’m also grateful for the All Roles Flex policy that gives me the possibility to work flexibly whenever possible.

It tops all the other benefits we enjoy here at Telstra. It’s been such a delight to be able to work from home at the times I needed it the most.

Applications for our Telstra Graduate Program in Asia open on March 10. Find out more. 
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