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My first month at Telstra: life as a graduate in Singapore

by Inhyuk Kwon

Graduate 2020 - Software Engineering (Singapore)

It’s been nearly a month since I joined Telstra, and in this short time I’ve already been plunged headfirst into life at the company.

A graduate experience is something you can almost never go through again, so I thought I’d document my first taste of working life, and what the COVID-19 pandemic has meant for my career.
Telstra’s application process
I first heard about Telstra’s graduate opportunities through my university. I really wanted to work with a global organisation, and I knew that a world-leading telecommunications and technology company was a great place to start my career.

During the job-hunting process, the COVID-19 pandemic began, and the job market became much harder to navigate. However, after going through Telstra’s recruitment process, I managed to land a graduate position.

The recruitment team was very interested in the experience I’d had so far. I’d already done an internship and had been involved in projects related to Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at school. This year’s cohort in Singapore are network engineers, apart from me - I’m a software engineer.

Embarking on a new career during a pandemic has been challenging and I’m very aware that every new opportunity at work is precious. I think this situation is driving us graduates to do better and be thankful for the chances we have.
The Telstra Graduate Program in Asia
This year, there is a small cohort of us in the Telstra Graduate Program in Asia.

The people here have been proactive in guiding us. People across the organisation get involved with helping us and including us in their projects.

The first month in any new job - especially when you’re new to the workforce - is quite overwhelming. There are definitely a lot of new things to learn and it can feel intense at times, but thankfully, we’ve all had the support we’ve needed to keep on top of everything.
Opportunities to grow
To me, one of the best things about being in Telstra’s graduate program is that we’re not placed in one area of the business for the entire 13 months.

We are rotated and given the chance to try a few roles, to find what we’re really passionate about. Currently, I’m working with cloud services, which is a hot topic.

All applications are migrating to cloud technology ecosystems nowadays, so knowing how to leverage this technology is crucial to the software engineering team. I’m planning on trying out application development or development operations next, but either way, I know that this experience with cloud operations will have built a great base for my software engineering career.

Even though us graduates are only a month into our experience, our leaders have already opened our eyes to the opportunities here, and the skills we need to hone. Having this careful guidance at the beginning of my career has made me feel that even the toughest challenges can be broken down and dealt with.

I think being part of a graduate program makes a huge difference to your future. I highly recommend applying for one like Telstra’s, as it will create such an excellent foundation for your career.

Applications for the 2021 Telstra Graduate Program in Asia open soon. You can find out more information here. 
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