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International opportunities with the Telstra Graduate Program

by Justin Dolman

Global OTT - Graduate

I arrived in Hong Kong on a graduate rotation with Telstra, just before COVID-19 started to cause disruption. 
Despite the unusual circumstances lately, my experience in the Telstra Graduate Program has continued to be amazing and I’m still making sure that I get the most out of this experience every day.

Here’s what I have achieved so far. 
My first few weeks in Hong Kong 
I found myself in Telstra’s Hong Kong office after my program leaders agreed to let me do one of my rotations abroad.
An opportunity that matched my skillset came up, so I made plans to relocate in August 2019. Then, due to the protests at the time, my move was rescheduled to early 2020.
When I first got here the situation with COVID was just beginning, and while there wasn’t a lockdown most people had started working from home. This meant that I couldn’t meet many of my colleagues in person.

Luckily, we are well equipped to work effectively as a remote team, so I wasn’t affected too badly by the fact that all my meet and greets had moved online.

I’ve also joined a team that is very active with their communications. They’ve invited me to their social activities, like virtual trivia nights, and I attend the large, ‘all-hands’ meetings that keep the entire line of business engaged.

I’ve worked quite closely with my leaders from day one, especially on things I enjoy doing like forecasting (I’m pretty comfortable with spreadsheets). I think this was good for me as I wanted to feel like I was contributing from the beginning of my rotation.

Because of the situation, I also decided to reach out to a lot of my colleagues and offered to pick up work from other teams to better understand what they do.  

Making the most of the grad program while working remotely 

I feel like it’s important during this time to keep in mind that if you’re feeling isolated and lonely, the odds are that others are as well. I’ve found that it’s been a great motivator to start or maintain social interactions online, so I’ve organised some social group catch-ups that keep us all interested and engaged.
I’ve also made sure I continue to catch up with my mentors and talk to my mentees to see how they’re going and feeling.

Mentoring is a big part of being a grad at Telstra, and I have continued to get as much out of this aspect of the program despite being unable to see them in person.

Digital technology means I can still communicate effortlessly, and personally, I get a lot out of speaking to my mentees as well as those who mentor me. I can really relate to issues my mentees are having, especially at the moment.

Justin_HK_750xx.jpgAre you interested in learning more about the benefits of the Telstra Graduate Program? Head to the Telstra Careers website to learn more.  
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