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Preparing for Post-Grad Life with Telstra’s Summer Vac Program

by Chris Smith

Early Careers Experience Delivery Lead

Preparing for Post-Grad Life with Telstra’s Summer Vac Program
Our early careers programs at Telstra (Graduate and Summer Vac) aim to give students and grads a tremendous corporate experience with one of Australia’s largest corporations.
There are various technical and business-related pathways into Telstra is there is something for everyone. A great way to test the waters is the Telstra Summer Vacation program and each summer we invite penultimate year University students across multiple degrees to spend 14 weeks getting hands on experience related to their studies and interests.

Joining our Summer Vac intake gives us all a great opportunity to see what you’re like in a work environment, and importantly, how you’d fit into our organisation. It works both ways of course, as a student, you’re getting the chance to really assess Telstra as a future employer of choice, before potentially joining our immersive graduate program.
The key benefit for our Summer Vacation
Over a 14-week period you will get firsthand exposure to our technology, products and innovation across Telstra whilst working on current projects that impact on our customers experience. You will be joined by a large cohort of like-minded students, so you are guaranteed to have fun and meet some fantastic people.
A very high percentage of our vacs convert into graduates so it’s a great way to build your brand and lock in that graduate opportunity to kick start your career.

Our program structures
As part of the program, we have identified eight early careers pathways. Four are specifically designed for purely technical and engineering areas: information cybersecurity, software engineering, network engineering and data analytics and management. Then we have our product and technical-focused pathways: product and service design, and technical consulting and solutions. Finally, we have purely business-related roles in finance & accounting and human resources.

The Summer Vacation Program is over 14 weeks, during which participants are aligned to a particular business that’s relevant to their interest. For instance, if you’re a software engineering student, you’ll be put on the software engineering pathway and placed in environments where there’s a lot of software development projects underway. This might include building new products, looking at customer enquiries (commercial and consumer), being involved in automation and impacting customers through our technology and network innovation. Participants may have the opportunity to work with 5G technology and the opportunities it provide to our customers connectivity.
Is our Summer Vacation Program right for you?
Different pathways suit different fields of study, which means we’re looking for people from a variety of degrees. We also look for a cross-section of complementary skills that are transferable across multiple pathways to give you the best experience we can and for you to find your feet.
It’s important to stress, however, that while it’s important to have the right degree, what we're looking for is very much a passion to join the organisation. We want people who can communicate with impact at all levels.
You’re encouraged to speak up with your ideas, and we’ll put you in environments that allow you to put your best forward. And if 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that change can happen overnight, so being adaptable is key too.

It’s the best way to prepare for life in the corporate world

For many of our summer vacs, this will be their first time in a corporate environment and we make sure our managers provide a realistic and impactful experience. If you join the program, you’ll be thrust into agile environments and expected to contribute immediately with questions, suggestions and ideas. Whether it's building, simplifying or delivering products, we want you working on real-world projects that will eventually impact our customers.

Ultimately, we’re keen to bring in people who have a thirst to join Telstra and understand our strategy, what we stand for and where we’re going to be in a few years’ time. There are many opportunities for students with all sorts of degrees, so head to our Summer Vacation Program page for more information.
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