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My graduate journey so far

by Stephen Chu

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As a Telstra Graduate Ambassador, I add value to the overall graduate experience by bringing together grads from different business functions and backgrounds.
I’ve been elected by my peers to represent the cohort at external events such as career fairs and networking morning teas. I’ve also had the fortune of brainstorming and organising activities such as photoshoots, the annual graduate ball and being a part of the Vinnies Winter Blanket Drive. 
This is only one aspect of my life at Telstra. Here’s a snapshot of my other experiences.

Life in the Telstra Graduate Program
In the beginning

From day one the onboarding experience at Telstra was great. As part of the induction, we were given an extensive overview of the organisation and the different business functions. I was also connected with a buddy from the previous graduate cohort who was able to guide me on my first day.

My leader also provided me with clarity on the work I would be doing, and the Early Careers team was helpful in providing a well-written playbook of things to do to get set up as a new employee.
Receiving continued support

Since starting, I’ve completed two six-month rotations within our Enterprise function working with our larger clients. My first rotation was in Service Delivery, my second rotation was in Integrated Strategy and I’m now in Consumer and Small Business. 
Having the flexibility to work in a few different teams for a short period of time was what attracted me to Telstra’s Graduate Program. Doing this has allowed me to pinpoint which skills I want to grow and the future career path I would like to pursue.
Throughout each rotation I’ve had the opportunity to get to know different leaders who have also taken on the role of mentors.
Aside from our day-to-day work, there are so many resources available to learn new skills, such as online learning and webinars. There is always an opportunity to strengthen your abilities or learn about something completely different. 

My personal highlights

One of the best parts of working at Telstra has been the opportunity to visit client sites with account managers and attend weekly service review meetings. Additionally, the chance to volunteer for a day at the Corporate Greyhound Rescue was a really rewarding way to give back to the community. 

Above all though, the nature of the work and being a leader in the telecommunications industry make Telstra a great place to start a career. It’s amazing to be at the forefront of technology development and see first-hand how we’re positively impacting consumers’ lives.

Interested in joining a supportive workplace where you’re encouraged to achieve your best? Find out more about Telstra’s Graduate Program.

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