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My instant connection with Telstra

by Fleur Cearns

Graduate Human Resources Specialist

It was love at first sight for me with Telstra. I’m passionate when I talk about it because I felt so connected to the company and people so quickly.

As a mature-age graduate, any anxiety I had about not being accepted was put to rest as soon as I joined Telstra on the CareerTrackers program. I’ve had a very different pathway to most graduates, but I’ve never felt out of the loop at all. No one here cares about anything other than your skills, capabilities, what you want to learn and how much you want to put into your work, and it’s been amazing building so many strong bonds and relationships in such a short time.

I’ve just moved onto my second rotation, within the Employer Brands and Marketing Team. I’m sad to leave my first team but also really excited about what I’ll learn next.
Great opportunities beyond the work itself
I have been really fortunate to get a chance to do so many things already within the Graduate Program, outside of my day-to-day work.
I love being a Brand Ambassador and getting out there as a proud Indigenous woman.

I’m proof of the different paths and opportunities there are to join a company like Telstra and I hope I can inspire other Indigenous people to pursue them.

I presented to aspiring candidates at a GradConnection event, connected with possible First Nation graduates to support them during the application process and I’ve done Acknowledgement of Country speeches to my own grad cohort. I’ve also worked on creating a Telstra and CareerTrackers brochure to advertise to universities and connect with some amazing grads through my role in Telstra’s Graduate Association.

On top of that, Telstra has Indigenous Employee Groups like Dharrang and Yaama Yaama (which means ‘Hello, goodbye’) that are great to be a part of. I meet other Indigenous employees from all over Telstra, share experiences and advice and organise events and get-togethers.
Huge support
When I started at Telstra as an intern during winter vacation (a four-week program offered by CareerTrackers), it was the first time I had ever worked in a corporate environment, let alone worked remotely from home!

At first, I struggled with adapting from leaving the house every day and seeing people, to some days not seeing anyone for eight hours. So I reached out to my Telstra ‘buddy’ as well as someone else I had connected with and told them how I was feeling. The two of them were able to talk me through some strategies to help me through those days and they constantly reached out to me to see how I was going. 

That was when I realised that people at Telstra are always willing to go above and beyond to support each other – and I still regularly catch up with both of them.

Why Telstra?

Obviously, I love everything about Telstra but I’d have to say that more than anything, the amount of opportunity here is what really drew me in. Also, the fact that Telstra is  a long-term CareerTrackers partner really appealed to me – it shows commitment to providing opportunities for Indigenous students.

Right now, as I finish working on the 2023 Graduate Campaign, I’m involved in a lot of discussions about diversity and inclusion and how we can bring opportunities to people who may not otherwise have access to them, or even be aware of them at all. I want to show people what’s out there and what they’re capable of. You only have to look at me to see how Telstra believed in me and took a chance on someone without a related degree or on-the-job experience.. Now I want to pay it forward and help provide opportunities for other people as well.

As I begin working on projects for NAIDOC week with my new team, I also plan to continue working on my FutureReady credentials (I’ve already gained my first one) and making the SA grad cohort a little family. I can’t wait to get into it all!

For more information on the CareerTrackers program, head here.
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