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Telstra’s diverse, exciting and immersive graduate program sets young career paths on the road to success

by Chris Smith

Early Careers Experience Delivery Lead

The Telstra Graduate Program is an immersive, 14-month program developed for students who have recently completed university. If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll go through a journey designed to complement your studies and set you up for career success.
We offer several different pathways with a focus on technical, engineering, corporate and product roles. You can read more about your pathway options here.

As the Early Careers Experience Delivery Lead, I’m happy to say that the majority of our graduates who go through the program progress into full time roles within our organisation, and then continue to have fantastic careers with us.

So, what can you expect to get out of the program and what skills are we looking for? Here are my top insights.
We’ll support you throughout the program
Something that is quite unique about the Telstra Graduate Program is the level of support we give all our graduates.

When you join us, you’ll have a large support network involving our early careers team, a buddy, mentors and our great leaders who will take you under their wing.

It’s quite a fast-paced work environment here at Telstra and you’ll be able to work on many different projects, so we want to make sure you’re supported along the way, so you can be successful.
You’ll be able to make an impact from the start  
As a graduate, we’ll immerse you in our culture and expose you to the great work our people do across the organisation.  

You’ll need to do two six-month rotations in our different business functions, which will be determined by your interests and pathway. Throughout each rotation, you’ll be able to learn from our experienced teams and work on projects that have a positive impact on our customers.

We’re also implementing something new next year for each of the rotations. You’ll be able to spend time working directly with our customers alongside our call centre teams. This will give you technical experience and a chance to see things from our customers’ perspective, which will help you to better understand our business.
You’ll be able to continually learn
The Telstra Graduate Program is very structured when it comes to your learning experiences because we believe you’ll be able to learn more by working with our different teams and on different projects. To support this, we’ve added in accelerator programs for you, which is a series of online courses that you’ll need to complete across the 14-months you’re with us.  

We’ll also give you plenty of opportunities to take on additional learning, whether that’s by representing the grad community through volunteer days or hosting a senior leader in a meeting or on a call.
Who we’re looking for
While we’re looking for graduates who have completed specific degrees, we also want people who have more than a technical qualification. We want to recruit graduates who are enthusiastic about being a part of Telstra, understand our strategy and values, and want to be part of our journey. You can learn more about Telstra’s purpose and values here.

Communication skills are also very important to us. We want you to be comfortable working alongside everyone from your colleagues to our senior leaders. We encourage you to put your ideas forward, ask questions and think of new solutions.

We also want people who are resilient, have a desire to keep improving and want to build and improve their skills.

The graduates who have been successful in our program are the ones who remain focused on what they were trying to achieve while there is change happening around them.
Why you should apply for the Telstra Graduate Program
After 14 months in our program, you’ll be able to look back and see how much you’ve developed your knowledge, your presentation and communication skills, and your technical ability.

You’ll be able to experience everything that Telstra can offer and to me, that’s a very powerful way to start your career.
Are you interested in learning more or applying for the Telstra Graduate Program? You can find out more information here. 
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