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5 perks and benefits of working at Telstra

by Justin Dolman

Global OTT - Graduate

As a recent university graduate, I entered the Telstra Graduate Program unsure of the direction I wanted to take my career. 
However, since joining the Program I’ve had so much support and inspiration from other graduates, colleagues and the Telstra careers team. I’ve been given the opportunity to experience some amazing benefits and have realised how lucky I am to begin my career at a company as great as Telstra.
How Telstra supports its grads... 
Career development  
The Program has offered me and others in the early stages of our careers specific opportunities to upskill and grow. The organisation is adopting new ways of working and encourages employees to challenge 'the way things have always been'. This mindset allows me to take control of my career development and choose where I end up in the organisation.  
Work-life balance 
Both my current leader and his wife have full-time roles at Telstra and are able to adopt flexible working hours to care for their growing son (and two cats). While I don't have a wife or kids to care for, I've taken the opportunity to work flexibly so I can be involved in various social justice endeavours outside of my role.  
Community initiatives 
Telstra makes a huge contribution to community initiatives and not-for-profit organisations every year.

These organisations are then supported further through guidance and mentorship offered by the Telstra Foundation team – a team that I’m proud to have been a part of.  
Making a difference 
As graduates at Telstra, we’re treated with a high level of respect. We've been given presentations by Telstra CEO Andrew Penn and members of the CEO Leadership Team, and we’re often given opportunities to showcase our skills while solving real-world business problems. This is extremely valuable to me as I am much more motivated to do my best when I know that my efforts can make a real difference. 
Telstra emphasises the power of building connections in the industry. Whenever I’m at a networking or one of our 'Meet Our Group Executive' events, I make an effort to be involved and build new relationships. Being a part of these various activities has given me an array of opportunities to build my network as I continue to develop new skills.
So far, I’ve taken the initiative to organise several volunteering days for myself and my colleagues and have represented Telstra at several internal and external events. I’ve also challenged myself through my work outputs thanks to the support of senior leaders in the organisation who are mentoring me in my endeavours. 

If you’re interested in beginning your career at a company that’s committed to supporting the career development of graduates and interns, check out our Programs. 
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