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An insider’s guide to Telstra: My journey through the Telstra Graduate Program

by Jessica Sheedy

Marketing Graduate

Feeling comfortable and confident in my working environment was a big challenge when I first started. I constantly felt like I had no skills or knowledge to give. But as soon as I put myself out there and accepted I was new to the environment, I learnt the most.
I’ve been supported in many ways at Telstra. As a graduate, everyone knows you’re still learning, and they’re all there to guide and help you. You start with a big cohort of other grads who have the same questions and concerns you do. It’s great to experience onboarding with other grads and knowing you're not alone!
My previous rotations
My Graduate Lead pushes us to do a rotation in an area of the business outside of our dedicated area. I started off in Enterprise and completed my second rotation in Consumer and Small Business (C&SB).
In the Sponsorships team we organised and executed a nation-wide Instagram competition where we gave the chance for fans to come face-to-face with their favourite players on Instagram live in the hopes of winning tickets to the NRL or AFL grand finals.
I assisted in the customer journey of the competition, including data analysis of entries and supported media activities. I also managed the end-to-end prize fulfilment of these grand final winners. After that, I loved C&SB marketing so much I ended up staying there for my third rotation.
My last project with that team was helping to onboard over 800 AFL players onto Telstra services, working with numerous internal and external stakeholders to drive brand authenticity.

Where I am now
My current rotation is in Pre-Paid Marketing where I’ve been working closely with the business to support sales performance by looking after paid social (Facebook, Instagram), paid digital, radio, TV, and more.


I have only just started in the team, but I’m working on exciting marketing programs with the purpose of capturing customers’ attention for Pre-Paid products. This role will help me gain skills in mass marketing and advertising, understanding marketing creative mediums and targeting, briefing agencies and stakeholder management.
The highlights so far
Each team hosts graduates for six months, with leaders working to ensure grads have a good time and enjoy the jobs they are given. This means we’re constantly supported throughout our rotation.
I’ve also had the chance to have a private development session with the CEO of Telstra, Andrew Penn – a meeting I will never forget. This is a kind of experience I know I would never have had if it wasn't for the Telstra Graduate Program.

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