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My graduate experience at Telstra

by Ankita Suryavanshi

Business Operations Analyst

Before I joined the Telstra Graduate Program, I did a lot of part-time work at various companies – but it wasn’t until I began working at Telstra that I really felt the organisation I was working for was invested in my career development and my future.  
A series of amazing experiences 
As part of the Graduate Program, I had the opportunity to do my first two rotations in our Product and Technology function as a Technology Specialist, and my current and final rotation in the Global Business Services Strategy team. 
During each rotation, I have been so lucky to work with the most amazing people who are passionate about their work, and I’ve had the opportunity to lead some great projects too.
One of my biggest highlights from the first rotation was my marketing work. I was asked by my leader to produce a set of videos about our product. I had to work with multiple stakeholders outside of Telstra for the videos and it took a lot of back and forth sessions to complete – but after seeing the end product, it was so worth it! 
The videos are now being used as the main sales and marketing material for our product. Whenever I see one of them, it's a great feeling to know that I led the team in getting those made. And it didn't stop there! I also received an opportunity to present the team's work in front of all our big strategic partners. 
Another highlight for me was my work on our cloud roadshow, which happened during my second rotation. The roadshow was held in five cities around the country and took about six weeks to plan, so there was a lot of logistics involved. I’m happy to report that all roadshows were a success and we received positive feedback from the audience in all five cities. 
It’s all about the people  
Every single person I’ve worked with here has been so nice and willing to help, and honestly, that’s the biggest standout from my graduate experience so far. No matter who I talk to, everyone has time for me and is always willing to answer my questions. Even today, I’m still in touch with people who I met at the start of my journey here because we've ended up becoming good friends. 
In some ways, the Program is like starting school: the first few days are a bit awkward and you don't really know anyone. But the activities that Telstra plans help to get you out of your shell and meet people. I’ve met so many great people, and these are people I know I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life. 
Focusing on learning (with room for fun too) 
Telstra provides access to a range of online learning courses. The learning aspect of your grad journey is in your own hands. Sure, there will be some modules or courses that your leader might recommend, but if you are passionate about learning anything else and you have the time and capacity during your rotation, you have the freedom to choose your learning path. 
During my first rotation, if I had some spare time in the afternoon, I’d sometimes start on a learning module. But I’d also take time to have a bit of fun as well. In the Sydney office we have a fantastic breakout area with table tennis and foosball tables and a terrace where you can go in and soak up some sun. 
My advice to other grads: Be confident and proud of your work  
If I could go back and change one thing about how I entered the workforce, I would be more confident in my work. I had a serious lack of confidence and was told by my leader and multiple team members that I had to trust my gut feeling. They were confident in my ability to make decisions, so why shouldn’t I be confident too? 
So, my advice to new grads is trust yourself. Often, you’ll know the right thing to do but you might not feel confident enough to back yourself. Of course, it’s ok to lean on your leaders for support, but it’s also important to have faith in your abilities and be proud of your achievements.
If you want to launch your career at an organisation where you get to play an important role from the moment you walk in the door, head to our Telstra Graduate Program page.
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