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Three things I didn't know about Telstra (but do now)

by Jarrod Cardy

Senior Content and Social Specialist

I’m proud to say that I’m working for an organisation that is at the forefront of innovative technologies, and all of this leading technology was on show at Telstra Vantage 2019.

For the first time, Telstra held a competition in partnership with the University of Melbourne, to find a social media tech reporter. The lucky winner was Nitish Mathur, who is studying Information Technology.

Through this experience, Nitish got to hear from our tech leaders, experience the latest in tech innovation and also got to hang out with the Telstra team. So how did Nitish go and what did he learn? I caught up with him to find out.
How did you find Telstra Vantage?

“I felt extremely fortunate that I was able to attend Telstra Vantage and get an insight into the innovative work Telstra is doing in areas of 5G, internet of things (IoT), robotics and much more. I even got an insight into what the Telstra tech teams are currently working on, and I can tell you there is a lot of cool things coming to the market soon.”

“It was also a great opportunity for me to build my professional network, hear from Telstra’s tech leaders such as Group Executive of Networks and IT, Nikos Katinakis, and speak with the company’s many clients about the work they are doing.”

“It has really opened my eyes to what is possible through different technologies.”
What were three things you learnt about Telstra that you didn’t know before?

“I learnt so much during Telstra Vantage, however, these were the top three things I took away:

“Number one - Advanced technology that we usually see in the movies is now becoming a reality, and Telstra is helping to make it happen.”

“Number two - As a student studying Information Technology, Telstra has a broad range of career opportunities available where you get to work on some really innovative projects.”

“Number three - Telstra is not just a telecommunications company. It’s a technology leader and is one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to 5G technology, how it uses tech to improve the lives of its customers and how it connects numerous IoT devices.”

Nitish checking out the work we're doing Humanoids.
How do you feel this experience will help your university studies and career?

“This event has really motivated me to select specialised subjects in cloud and cyber security, as I was really interested in this type of work after speaking with a number of people at Telstra Vantage.”

“I’ve also always wanted to work for a big organisation and technology leader, like Telstra. Because of this event I believe I have made many great connections, which I hope will help to kick start my career after I complete my studies at the University of Melbourne.”

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