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Highlights of my graduate rotations at Telstra

by Justin Dolman

Business Specialist

After completing my university degree, I was still not exactly sure where I wanted to take my career. But when I heard about Telstra’s Graduate Program, I did a bit of research into its many benefits and pathway options.
I decided to apply because it was encouraging to know that the Program provides graduates with the chance to broaden their experiences and explore different avenues. 
One of the main reasons I was drawn to Telstra was their T22 strategy. I knew it could lead to amazing opportunities and experiencing new ways of working. 
The type of support you can expect 
During the Program, the training I have received has been well structured, industry-specific and includes plenty of one-on-one mentoring. I’ve also received a lot of support from my graduate lead, who has taken the time to understand my career interests, and those of my fellow grads.
The rotations have also allowed me to grow my skills and experience in different aspects of the organisation. 
First rotation 
My first rotation was in a Data Analytics and Reporting role. While this probably doesn’t sound interesting, it was an opportunity for me to showcase my natural flair for using raw and extensive datasets to create visual and meaningful stories. This allowed me to provide information to some Telstra executives and leaders, which they used to make informed business decisions.
During this rotation, I found that my greatest asset was helping my colleagues on various tasks, which allowed me to understand their job functions and build personal relationships. I also gained insights into how Telstra operates. 
Second rotation 
Having built and demonstrated my technical abilities, my aim for my next rotation was on improving my soft skills. In my second rotation, I worked in the Telstra Foundation, which is Telstra’s philanthropy team.
Through this rotation, I partnered with schools to promote technology and sustainable practices and involvement in Telstra’s Tech4Good Program, where I supported our not-for-profit partners with community-based initiatives. 
Third rotation 
I’ve just started my third rotation in Hong Kong as a part of Telstra’s International Sales team. I’m really enjoying my time with Telstra’s Global OTT (Over The Top) team, while also working with Carrier Sales for South-East Asia.
While I’m new to the team, I’ve already dived into the opportunity to work on the annual operations plan and some forecasting spreadsheets, while continuing to learn about the services Telstra provides to our global customers. 

You can read more about my experience in Hong Kong here. 

A collection of my biggest highlights
  • Having input towards the decision-making process of senior leadership 
  • Setting KPIs and metrics across a team of over 900 people
  • Getting the opportunity to go to Hong Kong for my third rotation and working with our International Sales teams
  • My involvement in philanthropy during my rotation with the Telstra Foundation and volunteering activities
  • Learning to code my own website from scratch, with no prior coding experience 
How to get the most out of the Program
Part of the program’s experience is the lasting relationships you get to build.
By organising networking events, volunteering days and innovation challenges, I’ve received many opportunities to build my network as I continue to develop new skills.

I also often find inspiration through the work of graduates and other colleagues – and the amazing achievements they’ve made throughout their careers.
If you want to work for a company that challenges you to grow and develop new skills, head to the Telstra Graduate Program page.
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